Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello! Well I am back and I survived Disney and the heat. Actually I was more afraid of the plane ride then anything else. But now I am over it and can move on with my life (is that enough drama for you). So this week I bring back DIY Tuesday! I decided on a project that is a vintage project, but perfect for the trends of today! With all the faux bois and bark craze what could be a better project than a wood collection!
I always enjoy museum look home decor don't you! So slip on some hiking shoes and head for the trails! Gather up some branches or chunks of wood. I would keep the Branch diameter down to about 2 inches (this way they can fit on a shelf). Keep your branches in a dry place, making sure to get rid of any excess moisture. Cut the bottom and top off branch to make them flat for standing. Now you can saw out a 45 degree angle chunk to reveal the wood grain. You can either leave the wood exposed or cover it with a poly sealant. Each piece of wood (preferably from different trees) you can now label with the specimens name. You can either glue these labels on or pin them. I made some simple labels (below) so feel free to use them or make your own. This project literally needs no artistic or crafty talent. Its simple, fresh, and gosh dare I say educational!

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