Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ahhh Thursday..finally! I can't wait until the weekend!!! I have so much more work to do (packing and sewing), but can't get it done with out my DH to help watch our 2 yr old. Brooke from Gemmafactrix invited me to join a Flickr group of her's entitled "Design a day". I think it is a wonderful idea, trying to motivate everyone to make something at least once a day! Below is one of the items I made yesterday. This lovely Java knicker was made from vintage fabric and vintage buttons from the 1950's! I am not sure yet if I will sell it in the doesn't really fit in with everything else :)
But I still like it!
I have decided to give you a peek at some interesting things that have been brewing in my studio! I can't tell you what it is yet and hopefully it will be a HUGE surprise this spring! I am so excited!!!!

Well off I go to sew some more surprises and stock for the shop! Hope everyone has a sweet as can be Thursday!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I thought I would share something wonderful I found while packing! This is an applique quilt square I did in the 2nd grade to depict the book "The Witches"! Even as a kid I was an applique addict!! I need to frame it and hang it up!! I had forgotten all about makes me giddy just looking at it!
I also would like to share a little fellow I just put in the shop! This is "Nugget" the bear! I love how cute and chocolaty he looks! He even comes with his own fuzzy Japanese bear and bunny bag! I enjoy making plushies, and I am sure more will arrive in the shop!
Ohhh all that packing!
I can proudly say "I hate packing"! It is so depressing and exhausting!
This pile of boxes is only our books from the living room. I am really trying to keep everything organized and labeled for easy finding later on. Blahhh I can't wait until it is all over with!

Have a wonderful Weds everyone!
It sure is windy here, but at least the sun came out :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My oh my! It is chilly here this morning! Yesterday was cold but at least the sun came out for a while. My favorite season has to be fall! I love wearing jeans and a long sleeve tee and feeling cozy! Spring will be here soon, which isn't bad just muddy! This past weekend I actually had some time to paint between all the other chaos. I painted this hedgehog portrait of "Macki" and he is listed in the shop right now. I also did some Etsy shopping yesterday! I am such a Esty addict. I wish I had more money to buy at least one Item a day! I did but 4 different fabrics and a beautiful silhouette stag from Monpetitfantome
I also made this felt whale...what is one to do!!! I haven't decided what to do with him yet
hmmmm. I am still thinking, but I figured I would share a peek at him :)
I guess I should at least pack something and clean up from breakfast! Have a lovely day everyone!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh my! I can't believe it is Monday already! Boy the weekend sure did fly by!
I am so exhausted and really just want to roll back up into the covers and sleep for the rest of the day! Unfortunately a toddler does not allow you to do that!
Well besides wanting to sleep the most important news is..we have began to pack! ugh!
I wish I had more money so someone else could pack,clean,and un-pack! Most of Sunday was spent with DH packing away. We really didn't get much done before we just turned to jello on the couch. We did find time between packing to watch "Deer Hunter". I can't say that I enjoyed the movie. It was way to long(3hrs) and the plot was very choppy!
In other news I purchased the cutest little guy ever off of Ebay. I could not hold myself back form snatching him up! Little hedgey hog is my new favorite! I can't wait to make a little shelf just for him in my new studio when we move!!
I almost forgot to let you in on a new item in my shop! My best friend Mandi kept telling me to make Tampon pouches, but I kept putting it off. Well finally I took the plunge! The "Once a month ghost" pouch! I think they came out pretty cute, but I think many people may not like walking around with a tampon on their bag ;) So, I am thinking of new little critters to incorporate onto the cases. Well I guess it is back to cleaning, packing, and sewing!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I know it has been forever and a day since I had last written anything. I have been oh so busy and a wee bit stressed out! Lots of things are going on this month for the shop and my home life. Ahh where to start....
Well first I have some good but extremely stressful news. Ity-bity Bags and the Family are moving! The DH and I have finally made the big leap and purchased our first house. Now for the stressful part...PACKING! Ugh! I hate packing and have been putting it off day after day. We are suppose to be moving in Feb and I have yet to pack a single thing! So here in the picture below you can see what will soon be our Craftsman house!
The good part about moving is for once I will have a real studio space!! Below is a picture of my space now. This consist of a table jam packed with supplies sitting in my bedroom! Not so fun and organized. So soon I hope to have a nice tidy room all to my self! I can't wait!!!
Ok, in other news I have opened a 2nd shop. I know I know your saying didn't you open a 2nd shop already? Yes, I did. I think I may have ADD. I debated about which shop I shop keep on Etsy. Well I made the decision to shut down the wading pool shop. Why you ask? Well Most of that work was from my college days and I have not been painting figures in over 3 years. My Husband convinced me to start a shop with my little watercolor paintings of animals. I have been collecting a little stack of tiny watercolor paintings for over 2 years now. I just did not think they were good enough to sell. I enjoy them and I know my son enjoys them, but will other people? Well I guess I will find out! So with-out further ado here is
This is one of my first tiny watercolor of two owls!
Hoot & Toot! The shop is a little bare, but I want to take it slow. So I Hope you come and visit and tell me what you think!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hi all! I know it has been a while since I last updated, I am sorry!
I am really going to try and keep on my toes and make sure things get back to normal. It has been slow in the shop, which gave me some much needed time to catch up on my B&M accounts. There is some news here on the home front.
Me and the DH have been house hunting for some time now.
I think it has finally happened! If everything goes well me and all
the ity bags will be moving to a new town. This will all not take
place until February and I will keep everyone updated!
Above is a new ity-bity Bag that I have not yet posted!Little boombox should make an appearance some time today! I am so excited about some new items that will slowly be peeking into the shop this spring!
Like my new Card sets! This set is the "three of a kind" cherries card set.
My first in the series of blank note cards and other
paper goods to make their way to ityland!
There are some ideas rolling around in my head that I wish
I had more time and money to do the all!

Well I guess I should be off promoting, sewing and taking care of
the little ity that is patiently watching Pinky Dinky do, but really wants to play puzzles with Mama ity!
Have a lovely Monday everyone!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year everyone!!!
Hope you brought in the new year with lots
of bubbles and laughs!
I am so excited about the year to come! Today is my first big
shop update for 2008!! Lots of new goodies awaiting their grand entrance!
The update will be at 2pm est.