Monday, October 26, 2009

Cute by the dozen!

Well the holidays are fast approaching and I am started to feel the stress of it all. With the order s starting to step up, and family to shop for, it gets a little hairy. So over the last few weeks it has felt like everything has to be made on a grand scale, by the dozen or 3 dozens! Phewww I think I broke a sweat just thinking about it all! So I hope to start making and adding some new additions to the shop, but I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best!

This past weekend was super busy! My Son turned 4 and we had a (at his request) transformer party. We had 10 (or 11) four and five year olds , and about 9 adults. So my house was crazy, but it was a controlled chaos. At least that's what I want to tell myself. I think it went well. No injuries, the kids had fun, and my house was in pretty good condition when everyone left. Not to shabby!

Well off I go to continue sewing and maybe sneak in some nachos for dinner! Yum!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Something cute and something manly!
I have been crazy busy like always. With the store, itybitybags, the holidays and just plan normal craziness. We did manage to sneak in a day of pumpkin picking! Fall is my favorite time of year! Since moving to NEPA we had to find an awesome location for pumpkin picking, and I think we found it! Last year was our first year at Roobas farm and we loved it! It is already becoming a tradition in our house. The pumpkin patch is not as rustic as I would like, but there are animals, bonfires, a pond,playground, pig racing, corn mazes and tons more. My Son loves it! They even have Santa at Christmas's and real reindeer! If you live anywhere near this place you must go!

Here is my cute and manly pics! First we saw this baby bunny. How adorable is this! I soo wanted to steal him and take him/her home! such a cute fuzzy little bunny!

Then came the pumpkin canon. This the boys went nuts over. Who cares about an adorable bunny when you can launch pumpkins at high speed into fake cows and trees! ohh the joy of parenthood. But all in all we had a amazing time and I can't wait to journey back for Santa come December!