Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thank you everyone for leaving such wonderful Birthday wishes for me!
You are all so sweet!! I had a quiet Birthday at home with my son and husband.
I did get some monies that I will sure to be spending over at Etsy once we move.
My husband gave me a lovely enamel topped table from the 40's-50's as a gift!
I love it! Not sure where to put it yet, but I am sure I will find a nice place!
As a thank you for all the Birthday comments yesterday I leave you with a clip from one of my favorite films

May your day be filled with sweetness!

Monday, February 18, 2008

♥Happy Birthday to me!!!♥
It is official....Today is my birthday! It is kind of a blah birthday. We are moving at the end of this week, so everything is torn apart! We are exhausted from cleaning the new house and to busy to have any kind of birthday dinner. Oh well I guess there is always next year :) It is raining here in Pa, and it seems to rain almost every year on my Birthday! On the day I was born there was a really bad storm (thunder,rain and etc). My Husband says that explains my always cheery disposition!
So here I am in all my now 28 glory!
Happy birthday to all of my fellow Aquarians!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

♥ Happy Valentines Day♥
I hope everyone got sweets surprises from their loved ones :)
My DH is still out of town, but he returns tonight! He did leave me a huge box of chocolates!! Yum! I did not touch them until last night ( Had 3 with tea while watching Project Runway!). ♥♥♥
I wanted to share this Large mason jar with you! I am so excited about it!!!
I am very picky about weird things..like conatiners. I had this mind set for a large tapered top mason jar for my baking flour. But sadley I could not find one I liked :(
Until yesterday!!! I found this lovely in the consignment shop down the road!
I just had to have it! The best yet was the jar wa son sale!! I only paid $1.30 for it! I am sure this is pretty boring to most, but I was just too excited!
In other news..The river outside my apartment is very high and icey!
We have a flood warning ( and oh yes it has flooded before).
I have to say I will miss the river when we move. I like sitting on the
couch early in the morning with a cup of coffee watching the river.

Best get back to work.
I hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It is raining and raining and raining.
Yesterday it snowed all day long, this morning everything was ice and now rain.
Yuck. I have some much to do this week and the weather is not working with me.
My DH has been away on business all week. So that being said it has been
extra stressful around these parts. I am stuck home in crappy weather,
packing, and trying to get everything elese ready for the move. I guess it will all be over soon and things will return to normal.
I am sorry I haven't written much on the blog lately.
It has been pretty busy and crazy here.
On a lighter note!
Some interesting things have been going on with the shop and Etsy.
Last Friday I made a "Swimmy"pouch for Etsy labs.
I think it came out pretty good. He was sent off to his new home in the labs :)
I also have been pretty busy with new ideas for the shop.
There will soon be some big surprises!
I think a shop overhaul is also in order! Clean out those cob-webs!
Hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day!

Friday, February 08, 2008

It's Friday!! Thank goodness.
I have been waiting all week for it to be Friday!
I am feeling much better today then I did yesterday.
Still very sore, but better then in pain. I still can't eat much,
but I did get some yummy peanut butter ice cream last night!
I did finally get to some sewing yesterday!
I made some pouches, finished some projects
( that I will hopefully get to share int he spring).
I also got some packing done and cleaning. Not the most fun,
but it had to be done. I did make this coffee cuff yesterday
with a dangley hot pink squid! I love squids!
I also ordered some cute japanese fabrics over the past week!
I finally got to cut them up and make some pouches!
I tried to find some matching liners for the japanese fabrics,
but like always I am drawn to polka-dots!!!
I tried to control myself this time :)
Hope everyone has some fun plans this weekend!
oh and Remember to eat lots of chocolate this week!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hi! Sorry if I haven't blogged in a few days. It has been chaos over here in ity-land. Where to start....Well we are in the process of moving, my husband is going away on business, and I had to get my wisdom tooth removed.

Well today is the day after surgery. I am in a lot of pain ( mostly in my jaw). I can only eat liquid food, yuck. I was so irrationally scared yesterday of going under anesthesia. I kept thinking I was going to dye or something. It actually wasn't that bad int he end. I was awake for most of it and kind of went into a coma or something until the end. Now I have a huge hole in my mouth, followed by 8 or so stitches. This week has been to stressful! This entire month is to stressful!!
I hope everyone else is having a better week then me. Hopefull before the weekend I will be back to sewing and packing :)
Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes!
Happy Thursday!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Yay it is finally Friday!!
I am so exhausted from the week and can't wait for the weekend to begin.
I still have so much packing to do and I can't seem to find the time.
February has arrived and I fear the rest of the month will zoom by.
I have been trying to get an idea of what or how I should decorate the new house.
There are so many factors at play that my mind is getting jumbled. I have most of the paint colors picked out and I have started to pick up things here and there (like new dishes and glasses). Actually I can't help but think of all the lovely things I want to hang on the wall! I am not a huge fan of nic-nacs, but I am an art addict! I collect old photos ( pre1920's) and have them hung through out the apartment. I also have lots of artwork form fellow etsians and other artist I have collected over the years. Speaking of Etsy art...Look what lovely piece is on it's way to my door step! I am smitten over this Deer silhouette!! I can't wait to hang him in the new house!
In other news..My skunk strip is getting whiter!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!
It is hailing here in PA, so drive safe and keep warm!