Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Burrrrr It's cold outside!
This was the scene from my backdoor yesterday morning. It was cold and cloudy! But today I awoke to snow! Can you believe it snow..In October no less. Today was suppose to be the twon Halloween parade, but no it has been cancelled. Hopefully we can rescedule for another day. I know what would make this day better...Pumpkin pie :) Pie makes everything better!
I have been so terribly busy as of late. My Son's Birthday, Holidays approaching, orders to fill! What's a girl to do! I guess I should start asking Santa for some of his elves for Christmas this year! I am desperatly trying to have fun with it all and not stress myself out!
Oh and here is the family pumpkin! We tend to stick to the old school style of carving. I love a simple jackolantern on Halloween! After carvimg him we roasted his seeds for a yummy treat! Here is the quick recipe--->

Spray baking sheet with oil
place washed pumpkin seeds out on baking sheet
sprinkle with your favorite spices (I like old bay or red pepper)
place in the oven on 350 degrees for 20 mins
stir occasionally (so they don't stick, and get coated more with yummy goodness)

And there you have it! Yummy treat in minutes!
Have a warm and cozy day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love the fall!
This time of year has to be my favorite time of year! I love the smell of leaves and earth. The colors of everything are so amazing and I find I feel the happiest. During the week we went on a school trip with my Sons pre-school. A trip to the local apple orchard yielded pumpkins and cider donuts! Yum! We had fun but plan to do some family pumpkin picking this weekend.
I wanted to share some lovely items I picked up last week. I desperately was hunting for the perfect Wool plaid for a special book project, but was having no luck. Fortunately I stumbled on sewing geeks shop on Etsy and found the perfect plaid wool! It arrived in a lovely twine tied packaged and is marvelous!
I also purchased this goat's milk lavender soap from butterflywisper it smells amazing! She also throw in some cute and always useful (and great smelling) almond,honey & oatmeal guest soaps!

Ok my lovelies that is all for today. I must scamper to the kitchen and whip up some Pumpkin pie for dessert (It was requested)! Have a lovely Wednesday and keep warm and cozy!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cool fall days bring the aroma of the best comfort foods! I know I am not the only one to enjoy all the yummy treats this time of year brings! Yesterday I decided to make some Veggie Chili for dinner. I love this dish so much that I have to pace my self from eating it all! I think chili is the perfect fall food. Beautiful colors, hearty flavor and a little heat!My veggie Chili recipe:
Plum tomatoes
Kidney beans
black beans
cannelloni beans
2 TBS tomato paste
Meat/ meat substitute
Red onion
Salt & Pepper
Red pepper
* *
First saute red onion, garlic, salt & pepper,cumin,tomato paste. After the onions have cooked a little add your meat/meat sub. Cook until meat is done.
Next in large pot or crock pot put all your beans and tomatoes. After about 20mins I add the meat/meat sub. Add some water to for desired consistency . Let cook for about 1 hour.
Dish out chili with a sprinkle of Colby cheese and some tortillas!

Now after eating all that yummy chili you will need a nap! So grab your sleep mask and sleepers and hit the hay :)
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Eek! It is Monday again and another busy week begins. I had a lovely weekend filled with pumpkin pie and the smell of Autumn! I love the Fall! It has to be my favorite time of year. This Wednesday my Son's preschool is going apple picking and I can't wait! I hope they have cider donuts..ummmm yummy!
I did manage to get done a lot of sewing between family visits and pie eating :)
Hey I have been tagged! Twiddlestix's that little minx has tagged me :) So I guess I have to answer some questions. ahhh here its goes....

Here are my 7 random (probably not so weird)facts:

My husband I have been together since we both were in 9th grade.
I like pouring syrup and ketchup on my home fries.
I hate the summer.
I have 4 tattoos (guess where they are!).
I need the bed sheets tucked in at all times.
I have a straight cervical spine.
I prefer black and white movies.

Have a great day everyone!