Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This week is a special DIY project, an itybity exclusive of sorts.
I am proud to announce "Pretty little cozies" by Lark books! This book is filled with awesome cozy tutorials from some of your favorite crafty peeps and even a tutorial from my little itybity self :) The book is not released for sale until May5th , so mark your calenders.
So to celebrate I decided to give my itybity readers first dibs on this easy and fun DIY project!
Instructions to make your very own "Sunny side up Pan handle cozy"!

I am so excited about this! The book is filled, filled to the brim with awesome cozies! So please go check it out on May 5th! Now get sewing!

(These are the instructions directly from the book. Please be kind, these instructions(patterns) are only for personal use. If you have any questions please email me.)

Monday, March 30, 2009

The weekend was relaxing and full of sewing and movie watching. I still have a lot to get done, but it was nice to stop and have a little down time.
Lately I have had a sea of ideas floating around in my head! I wish I had the time to do all of them! One of the ideas I have been working on for a while now (it should make an appearance in the shop soon) and they are almost finished. So I figured I would give you some background about the idea in question.
Over the years I have managed to start some weird collections. Lately I have seen my vintage camera collection grow, and grow! I find each camera to be so lovely. The shape, the design, the colors. So with vintage cameras swirling in my head I came to an idea........

Hey! Not so fast! It will ruin the surprise if I tell you now :)
Sorry to be such a tease. But it does involve my camera collection and they will be hiding in the shop soon! (take a guess in the comments and I will give you a % off!)

So off I go to finish my yummy lunch of leftover pesto pasta! Oh and this Friday I plan on posting a coupon for discounts in the shops. So stay tuned!



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I plan on making this yummy cake tonight!
Happy baking!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today has been a gloomy sort of day. A day where you just want to kick off your shoes, have a hot beverage and watch a good movie. The sun made an appearance today, but not for long. I hope tomorrow brings a sunny day filled with toes in the grass and gardening!

I leave you with a song from one of my favorite french men!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well its that time of week again! Last week I got all caught up in family matters (not the tv show) and forgot all about diy Tuesday. But I am back this week with a fun recipe for the young and the old. With the economy pinching your every penny, sometimes it is nice to make a homemade gift or just something homemade for fun! So get your kids, your friends or just your creative juices flowing with this quick and nostalgic project.
Make your own Play dough
1cp flour
1/2 cp salt
3Tbs veggie oil
1/3 cp colored water (I used 15-18 drops of food coloring)
Step 1) In a small bowl mix flour,salt, oil with spoon.
Step 2) Add colored water to this dry mixture and knead dough with your hands. Add more oil for dry dough, or more flour for wet dough.
Step 3) Your done! Just make sure to put your dough in air tight containers in the fridge. They last a couple of weeks and are sure to be a fun filled gift!
Play dough also makes great Easter gifts instead of all that candy!
( Below are the 2 colors I made!)

Well I am off to the studio! Have fun making some funky play dough!

Friday, March 06, 2009

I have been kind of down in the dumps lately. Between the germs floating around our house, and finding out my Son is allergic to everything, it has been a little stressful. So in order to keep my spirits high I decided to post some of my favs on Etsy lately. I have really weird taste, that doesn't always go together. I think I have style schizophrenia

(From left to right)

ifnbooks , Geninne , doubleparlour , rosieok , baileydoesntbark

AshleyG , ableandgame , damneddollies , MelissaSue , vintagebycrystal

vesselsandwares , Timberps , amandajean , pandawithcookie , imaginaryThomas

restlessthings , juliapott , papercutdiecut , monsterpromos , digdowngallery

Now all I need is some spending money :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Between the snow shoveling, germ attacks, and allergy scares who has the time to do any huge projects anymore. Geeze! Well this week is a quick and easy diy task. Today's how to will be printing fabric that can be used as appliques, hang tags, or iron-on of your favorite pics! It is very easy and inexpensive. You will need to own a ink jet printer, some sharp scissors or cutting blades, interface, wax paper, and printer fabric sheets (optional).
If you are looking to buy some printer fabric sheets I recommend June tailors sew-in computer printer fabric sheets. You get 10 sheets of 8.5 x 11 white (also available in cream) printer fabric. They are 100% cotton and can be found at Joann's fabrics and other notion type stores. They cost roughly $10 (but if you have a 50% or 40% coupon they are even cheaper!). I already have the printer and scissors, so I purchased some iron on interface for $1.50 a yard at Joann's. Now you are ready to start.

Step 1) Design an image on your computer or scan in a photo or image. Make sure you have made the image the correct size. Set printer on the "plain paper" setting, load printer with a sheet of fabric paper, print. Wait about 5 mins until you move onto the next step giving ink time to dry.
Step 2) Remove paper from back of printer fabric. Trim fabric, and then iron with a dry iron on cotton setting.
Step3) Cut interface to the size of your fabric image and lay on the non-image side. Sandwich your image and interface between 2 pieces of wax paper (making sure wax paper covers all interface). I lay wax paper on the ironing board to prevent interface from sticking to board. Iron on high until interface attaches to fabric.
Step 4) Now your fabric image has interface on the back giving it stability and you can use it at this point as a iron applique. Now to give it extra stability like for a stiff hang tag, fuse another piece of interface to the image side of fabric. This may give a tad bit of cloudiness to you image, but I think it is minimal.
Step 5) you can now trim or cut on your pics, tags or appliques and sew them into your crafty projects! I recommend dry clean only for one sided interfaced fabrics. I have had no bleeding ink problems in regular washing with the 2 sided interfaced fabrics yet.
Happy crafting!