Tuesday, June 24, 2008


A sneak peek........

Here is a little peek at some new little sweets I have been pondering! Make sure to check in the shop come July for a little re-decorating!

Many new little treats will await you!


Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. It has been busy all week! I did get a new hair cut and new eyeglasses, but unfortunately they are giving me ugly headaches! So I promise to stop in a give an update and feature some Etsy artist...but for now some tea and a nap!

Hope your Tuesday is full of sweetness!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Featured Artist
This week as been full of crazy happenings and lost of rain! Today is the first day that the sun is starting to peek out of a blue sky! I already started the day by pulling down old paneling in the bedroom, and priming the walls. I really can't wait until I move in to my new studio! Although it will not be fixed up until next spring..I am still excited!
So today I decided to put a spotlight on some of my favorite Etsy artist! Their work is inspiring and full of imagination!
This piece by fricdementol titled: "Chez Moi" is dream like in its opac quality. I love the colors, patterns and the individualism of each expression.
"Little girl in lace" by mcatgarrison is soft and melancholy. The empty stare of the girl is mesmerising! I wonder if the lace collar is worm by choice or force? I also love the color of the paper used instead of the traditional white background. Stunning!
"Club Chair" by mywireempire reminds me of the pink chair I found at a church sale when I was in college. I absolutely adored this chair! I graduated from college 6 years ago..and still have the pink chair! My Husband hates the pink chair! After we bought our first home the chair was banished to the basement :(
So this simple yet amazing portrait of a pink chair brings back happy memories of reading and relaxing in my favorite pink chair!

My dream is to some day live on a farm. Just passing a farm gives me this unbelievable feeling of joy! This beautiful painting by Paintbox
called "Winter corn field" brings me closer to my farm! The fuzzy early morning glare over the landscape is so soft and beautiful! I can picture myself sipping a hot cup of coffee on the porch of my farm house over looking the fields!

I hope some of these talented artist have inspired you to paint, draw or print! Or maybe just buy some Art! Have a beautiful Thursday!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer brings Craft fairs!
The season of craft fairs is upon us! Summer brings shorts, ice cream and the handmade artist friend the craft fair :) I recently moved in February of this year and decided to take part in a local fair in my new home town! The Hawley-Lake Wallenpaupack Arts and Crafts fair was my first pick! It is set in a very scenic part of Hawley,PA and was for one Saturday only. I took the weeks ahead of the craft fair to organize, beef up my stock, and take care of any little loose ends. It was a lot of work and a whole lot of sweating in the sun but overall I think the experience was a good one!
Here are some basic things that became very apparent they are must haves for craft fairs!
1. Tent/Canopy
2. Chairs
3. Bottled Water
4. A table watcher (so you can hit the bathroom)
5. Enough Change
6. A magazine (to read and fan yourself)
7. Signs or banner
8. Quick and easy take down and set-up
9. Business cards
10. Promos or Samples
Ok, just to briefly go over why I think these things are important. The tent for the obvious reasons, to keep you out of the sun and rain. Many brands of tents are very affordable now (I got mine from Kmart for $59.99.
A good idea is to make friends with a booth neighbor to ensure safe bladder expulsion. And this also helps the day pass by with conversation.
I found the banners and promo items really draw people in. When people got excited over free samples, this made other passers-by stop to checkout the commotion!

Below is a picture of my strictly promo and sample table. I included "Buy Handmade" goodie bags filled with samples and promotional items from an assortment of Etsy sellers. I had a basket of my own samples for adults and kids like bookmarks, small pouches, and pins. I set any larger postcards or brochures in separate baskets or out on the table. And last but not least I added a small notebook and pen to collect email address for my newsletter.
The greatest thing about this is it open people up to Etsy, outside artist and crafters and got them excited!

So if you haven't done a Craft show yet...jump in with both feet! It is something worth experiencing even at least once! Just remember to have fun and keep hydrated ;)

Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Treasure hunting!
I am always so excited when I find interesting things! Yesterday I went browsing at a local thrift store and I found some lovely treasures! First I found this cutey of a owl crocheted picture! I can't wait to re-frame him and hang him on the wall where he belongs :) I am so happy to give him a new home!
Hoot, Hoot!
I have a problem about seeing books get thrown away! It is so wasteful! Books are beautiful to me, the construction, the art work, the colors! So every chance I get I save some books! Here is just one of the books I saved! It is a lovely shade of yellow and a cloth bound book! The embossed artwork really caught my attention! I really think it is quite beautiful!

I guess I should really get back to work. I have errands to run, a kid to feed, and a house to clean!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer time (and moving into my new studio) sale!
Today I would like to give a quick shout out to some of my favorite items this week.
I seriously need to win the lotto so I can go on a shopping spree!
Lets start off with these "Woodsy Shrooms" by CrashCanStudio.
I adore these little cuties! I love the fabric choices and their primitive nature!
These guys need to be on a green..no maybe red shelve in my studio!
Next is this amazing piece by Somethingshidinghere. They cut up real paint by number scenes into the shape of the united states! How cool is that! It makes me feel like packing up and moving to a log cabin in the woods! Their shop is filled with unique and simple designs perfect for achieving that modern folk style!

Now this t-shirt makes me smile! I love beards, and these gents say it all! Show your love for beards and anti-war with this fun tee by SecretLovers.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Tuesday and boy oh boy is it hot! The northeast for the last 4 days or so is in a heat wave! I hate being hot! I will never understand why the elderly move to Florida! ugh! It is going to be 98 today and that is truly horrid! I haven't been catching up on my sewing because it just has been to hot to think! yuck! Anyway..moving on.
Here are some updates on whats been going on around these parts :)
I have started making some wristlet/handbags. I really love how these guys have been coming out! I named them "Berry Bags" on account of their berry shape. It has be hard not to keep them all for myself!
Another new twist on a old friend! I have been working on making fun new ways to make coffee cuffs. I think I like them appliqued (big surprise) but the new twist is that I have been making a couple out of repurpose clothing. This little bugger below is the perfect thickness to ward off the heat of coffee and the cold of a frosty! He also makes a cute and sunny wrist cuff for you stylish folks!
I have been pretty busy and putting to much on my plate is a habit of mine. My brain is always buzzing with new ideas ready for the making. There are so many piece that I never sell nor list! Recently I have been afraid my shop is getting to jumbled with to many different things. I guess maybe a shop re-vamp is in order?
This week besides it being dreadfully hot, I have been getting ready for my first Arts and Craft fair this summer. I always like to do a dry run set-up before the big day! It is a great way to see if you need more stock or displays.

Now I am off to get more coffee, do some laundry and maybe just maybe do some sewing ;)
Have a sunny but cool Tuesday!