Monday, November 17, 2008

I am so excited and over joyed! Ity-bity bags will be at Bust magazines holiday craftacular!! I was so worried I would not get in! I feverishly kept checking my email all of Friday! Finally word came Friday night that I was in!!! I am giddy like a school girl!

But I do have to say when Sunday rolled around I found my self having a little bit of a panic attack! Just thinking of all the work I have to do in order to get ready (in less than a month) for such a big show! A little over whelming! I guess I just have to take it one step at a time. Crossing my fingers for all of us crafty ladies to make a killing that day!

So if any of you would like to come meet me and shop for some of the best crafty shops around...come swing by The Bust Craftacular on Dec14 th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC!

Smooches and Hot cocoa for all of your support!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tis the season...
The holiday's are getting closer and closer! I find myself getting a wee bit stressed out about peoples gifts. Not only is it hard finding all the money to spend, but I find it harder to find the perfect gift! I search and search trying to find what I think the person will love. So because I am such a worry wort I try to find ways to ease the holiday headache!
Here are some things to remember..
1. You can't please everyone.
2. Remember to stop and get a snack.
3. If you can't find the item wanted, don't forget the old fall back..the gift card.
4. make wish lists! -Loads of sites now have this feature and it is really easy to compile a list of ideas.
5. Don't forget food. Sometimes it is a bonus to receive a dessert or meal at the holidays. For many this means a day off from cooking!
6. Gifts don't need to be big, or expensive. Sometimes the smallest, but thoughtful gift is the one most appreciated :)

Off I go to bake some lovely coffee cake! I am drooling already!

Hope your day is as sweet as cider!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Hot coffee and a slice of raisin bread always helps me start the day off right :) I am probably what you would call a coffee addict. It is sad but it kills me to go one morning without coffee! Today it is pretty gloomy out and the cold of winter is starting to rear it's head. All of the pretty leaves are gone now and all that is left is the cold bare trees. The only thing good about all this is it starts the bubbling of Christmas cheer in my mind :)I have already started some of my Christmas shopping and have list of goodies I can't wait to purchase! It has been busy, busy around here with orders and the usually pre-Thanksgiving clatter. This year or family is in charge of all the sides and pies! Yum! So yesterday was a day of revisiting yum recipes!
Also, last time I hinted at a new little yummy treat to make an appearance in the shop! Well one is already there! Introducing the "Yum Buttons"! Yum food brooches that I adore! I have so much fun making them! More Yum buttons will soon make the shop their home :) This little cupcake is sweet and perfect for a fuzzy sweater!

Time to start some work and put more coffee on! Hope you all have a cozy lovely day!

Friday, November 07, 2008

So much going on....
I have been truly bad lately keeping up with the blog. First we all got sick with some kind of gross virus :( Then I had some large orders to take care of. I am still busy and over my head (like always) but I finally got to finish so much needed things!
I was so excited to here from Breezy of Needles and Pens! After much sewing and packaging I can happily say my little bags are no available at the Needles and Pens store in San Francisco! It is truly an honor to work with such talented people. I have also been hard at work with some projects I am doing with Lark books (I hope to share them soon !).

Ok I am giddy about my new business cards! This is not a very good picture, but you get the idea!

I also have been working on some new items soon that may make an appearance in the shop! These have been so much fun!

Well it is warm here today but rather gloomy. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and then heavens to Betsy it will be Christmas! Well back to work I go!

Happy Friday my sweets!