Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Tuesday!
It has been a crazy weekend and past week. I was waiting for my MRI results and feeling rather jittery! But I am glad to say nothing seems bad enough to kill me :P
I did manage to do some Antique shop snooping! I found a really awesome little local antique shop! It was filled with all kinds of goodies that I wish I could buy. I did scoop up these lovelies.

Starting clockwise from the top. The table cloth is from the 50's and is adorable! It has hand sewn little embroideries of cherries! I love it, even though I have no idea where I am going to put it? Next is this also handmade little pair of knickers! I think it is suppose to be a pot holder, but I am not sure. I personally think they will look lovely hanging in my studio :) And last this cute little book called "Whitie: the bunny who's wish came true" I love the illustrations and colors! And as you can see apparently I was on a red/white kick! HA!

Well I am off to do some much needed sewing. I have fallen behind due to all this health craziness! Stay cozy my loves and I will sneak back soon!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Lovely to see you!
I know it has been forever and a day since my last post! I have been pretty bust around here with all kinds of family things and shop updates. September is always a little crazy at my house. This year my Son started pre-school which is so exciting! Last week we went on our family vacation to VA and tried to relax on the beach :)
Here is a beautiful early morning shot from out porch over looking the bay! After the hurricane left, we had beautiful weather for most of the week. We went to the beach, did some site seeing and ate lots of food. But now it's Monday and I am ready for a new week and to bring in the fall!
On the way back from Va we stopped in Philly for a visit to the Zoo. My Son loved it and we had a truly wonderful day! Here is a cute fuzzy Gorilla who my Son made friends with !
As far as shop news goes....I have added some new items over at Ity-bity Bags yesterday. The real news is I have re-opened "The Hollow Stump"! I am so excited (but crazy) that I can finally re-open. The Hollow Stump will carry a mix of Plush, Zines, Badges and more!

Ok. Back to orders, house cleaning, and a little painting for me! Have a lovely Monday sweets!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Yay! September is finally here! So today I have a little Labor Day sale going on and I am adding scarves!!! Hope everyone is having a fun filled weekend! Fall is almost here and I am so excited!!