Thursday, January 22, 2009

Funny little bits!
I wanted to share some of the items the sweet Post Lady brought to my door the week!
The adorable black droplet and cozy little house are from AshleyG! One of my favorite Artist! I love her work and wish I had more money to start my own Ashley collection :) These little mini paintings are actually made of porcelain, and being a lover of clay I just new I had to have them.
Next are these amazing buttons by Urbanturn. I love the shape and texture of these beauties! I have not decided yet what I will make of them, but all I know is it better be good! I am also a lover of interesting and strange items, and these being made from deer antler are defiantly different!
*Even though I am not fond of hunting, and I myself would never do it. I do believe in utilizing parts of already dead animals.*
Stay warm and cozy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Year, a new style.....
This morning I decided to sit down and search the Internet (and page through some magazines and such) to see what will be the "it" style this year. You may find it odd to hear that I don't go to the usually places one might think. I tend to focus on fashion sites, and trendy (but lovely) shops like anthropologie and such. The next step is for me to find a way to represent these style/trends through my genre. It can be tricky, but it differently sparks new and fun ideas!
Speaking of new styles...Check out this bag from Urban Outfitters! I love it! It is a little pricey for me. I am cheap and not a typical bag and shoe collection type of girl, but man it caught my eye!

It is bitterly cold here today, but I hope to start some new projects. I have been sitting on really updating my shop until I know for certain what direction I plan to take it in. I do know I plan on making more blog post and lots of "how to" DIY projects, so stay tuned!

Thanks again for everyones support over the last year! It has been a fun and exciting ride that I hope to continue!



Thursday, January 08, 2009

It is a bright and snowy/icy morning here. All the trees are covered in a layer of ice! It looks beautiful, but is a real hazard to try to get around in.
I have been trying to be a busy bee this year. I have been trying to stick to a work schedule and my Husband is doing my accounting. I have so many ideas floating around in my head for the new year! I wish I had more time and money to complete them all!
For is a sneak peek at some of the awesome custom fabric I had made! It is so wonderful to be able to say "That is my drawing on that fabric!". If you haven't heard about Spoonflower you must go check it out! The site owners are a fabulous bunch who are beyond helpful and sweet! I can't wait to order more fabric soon (it is fast becoming an addiction). This is the coolest thing since sliced bread if you ask me!
Off I go to the PO and to do some other much needed errands.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Well it is a new year and I am trying to hit the ground running. I plan on being more organized this year, revamping my shop, and trying to hit more and set more goals. I have to be more motivated and give myself a swift kick in the ass to get some much needed things done. I have already started a new design for my pouches and plan on cutting back on the appliques just a tad. I have also been debating my own website, but I don't want to jump the gun if I am not ready. I already have the perfect website in mind and all I need is the cash (but doesn't everybody). As scary as it seems I have to take the next step if I want my business to flourish. Cross your fingers for me!
I hope everyone is starting to get back into the normal (whats normal?) swing of things. hmm what else....well I cut my hair! I chopped off the back and left the front long. Maybe I will share a pic next time. I always hat how I look in pictures!
Have a cozy and sweet day folks!