Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In desperate need of more time and more energy..
I am in need of extra hands and more time. I have missed writing in the blog as of late. It was and is a nice little "time out" from the everyday grind. Lately I have been so busy that poor little blog has been abandoned :(
So I decided to stop in and say howdy! And maybe give you a little update on whats going on.
Well for starters I have been knee deep in custom orders! I love doing them so bring them on! Above is a custom order I just loved doing! It was for a customers Son to bring to school for snack money :) How cute! Oh and did I mention his nickname is Monkey! I love it!
Below is a custom order for a customer/business owner. She is also the sweetheart that had her engagement cake made into itybitybags!!! This project was fun because I made something I had never made before! A giant laptop pouch! I mean I have made laptop cozies before (checkout the one I made for Lark books in their up coming book "quilting with wool") but never a zippered giant pouch! It was pretty fun seeing my bacon buddies in mega form :)

So besides the regular itybitybags daily agenda I have been making lots of custom orders for all you lovely peeps! Now all of my extra time goes into working on my soon to be B&M shop opening this August! So needless to say I am a little stressed! We finally got our store sign and I love it!
To check out more info regarding my B&M shop visit
Ok my lovelies. I have to start cleaning and prepping for family visitors this week!
Hope you are having a cozy Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tickled Pink!
I hope every ones week is off to a good start! I have been buzzing around like a lost bee for days. So much to do, so little time! I have a huge lists of "Things to do" and have not even begun crossing anything off the list! At least today seem to be sunny, but tomorrow looks like sad rain clouds are headed our way :(
To keep the happiness of the sun marching with us, I thought I would share a new little guy!
Leebo the shy (available soon in shop) on a pink vintage fabric bag. I am loving these little critters and who knows maybe they will become a series? So check out the shop for some new yummy treats and shy critters!
Oh I had to share this with you!
It is so adorable and amazingly nice. One of my wonderful customers sent me this picture. It is of her engagement party cake! She was so smitten with her itybitybag she had it made into a cake! How cool is that! This is why I adore my itybity fans. They are truly the nice's bunch of sweethearts you could ever meet! Much hugs and kisses to Grace of PinkOlive, I wish you the best of luck and happiness!Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soo whats been going on....
well some of you already know about this exciting news! I am finally opening my own Brick and mortar store! I am so excited and stressed, it's like having another kid! Yikes!
So most of my time as of late has gone to getting the store ready to open in August, and filling ity-bity bag orders. My life has been a little crazy (but crazy kind of good). The shops name will BENTO. Why "BENTO" you say? Well I think the definition is perfect!
(Bento: is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables as a side dish. Containers range from disposable mass produced to hand crafted lacquerware.)
My shop will be a retail boutique (this is the takeout) with an assortment of different clothing, accessories and home goods for Men and Women (rice, meat,and veggie) made by up and coming designers and craftsman ( hand crafted goodness). All of this Will be available in my shop or Bento box for the sake of the name :)

Soon I will be launching a blog with pics and updates on the new shop! So stay tuned my lovelies!


Thursday, July 02, 2009

I hope everyone is getting ready for the 4th of July fun filled weekend! We are having a family get together at our home. So today will consist of cooking, cleaning, and some quiet time (down time before the impending ruckus). Because I live on a gigantic hill we can see the fireworks right in our backyard!
This week has been pretty stress filled and I can't wait for the weekend eating and laziness to begin.
(above) Yesterday I hit one of the local thrift shops and came across this loveliness! I had to give them a home right away! I have no idea what it is, maybe a toy of some kind. It is hand carved and from Canada. Its a fox and a bear sitting a log looking like they are about to eat! They are now sitting in my dining room window! Hurray for 2nd hand finds!
(Below) I also wanted to share my new fabric "Coffee break"! I designed it a while back, but decided to finally make it into fabric. I hurried and sewed up a pouch super quick I was so excited (now in the shop). I think it came out pretty cute :)

Happy 4th of July everyone!