Friday, August 29, 2008

Shoe mayhem!
If you know me then you know I am not the typical girl. Most Women can't believe I only own 4 pairs of shoes, yes 4. I have my sneakers, heels, flip flops and winter boots. I am a comfort/minimalist type of person. But putting all those things a side, I still will oogle at a lovely pair of shoes :)
So to give you a taste of what's in store for Fall here are some of my favs!
(above) These beauties are reminiscent of the 1930's style shoe and I adore them! The colors are perfect and I love the eyelet and sheered border! They are made by Chie Mihara and cost a pretty penny and you can buy them over at Piperlime.

(Above) Now something more on the line of what I could actually wear without falling :) These flats by Sugar are called "birds nest" I love the colors and think they would look great with Jeans or a casual skirt! These puppies are very affordable and you can buy them at Dick's sporting goods!

Last but not least another pair of 1930's inspired shoes that are flooding the market this Fall! The rich brown leather and little laces are yummy! I can imagine these with an awesome pair of knee highs! These are made by Clarks and can be purchased through their website or Piperlime!

And to find some of those awesome knee highs...head on over to Sock Dreams! There selection is mind blowing!


I am off to sew and tidy the house! A girls work is never done :)

Have a lovely Friday!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dorm room woes.....
All you Mom's and Dad's out there don't fret! I bet you have a teen going to college this fall and have been overloaded with shopping list of "must haves"! Well not to worry! First things first. Throw out the school list, don't look at the box store circulars they are just filled with crap your kid does not need. So in an effort to help penny pinching parents and style savvy teens here is my basics for college living!
(above) Sheets. These are from Linens and things and cost 29.99-59.00 and come in assortment of colors. They are available in the xL dorm size too! As for the comforter...tell your kid to use the one off there bed (it will fit).
(below) Lamps. Most dorms do not come with lamps. I would buy either a table lamp or floor lamp. Don't spend a ton on some designer lamp that your kid and there buddies will just end up breaking. I picked this lamp that looks higher end, but really is from Target and is priced at $19.00! (below) Drawer liners. Ok, I know what your saying..Drawer liners? Yes. Your kid male/female will have to stick their clothes in a dorm dresser. God knows the last time anyone cleaned that dresser (or what they kept in it)! So unless you want your kid to smell like hash and Cheetos's I would invest in some liners or sachets pronto. These beauties are from Crabtree & Evelyn for $18.99.
(below)Rugs. This is obviously not on the top of the list, but I still would get one. Most dorms have tile floors and are very cold in the Winter. This Rug I found on Urban outfitters for only $28.00! I like the range of colors that would match anything!
Other essentials that every college student should have:
Waste paper basket
Laundry bag
Bath towels
Bath caddy basket
water proof flip-flops (for wearing in the shower)
Everything else is unnecessary. I hope this post (rant) was helpful.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but the family has been trying to kick a bug! Your should I say everyone else kicked the bug but me :( I have been sick now since last Friday and only seem to be getting worse! Who gets a cold in summer anyway? Yuck! So anyway...Nothing new to really report but I have been shopping lately! So below you will find items I have recently purchased and love! Check them out!Here are all my lovely purchases starting with this amazing painting by Artist Harry Stooshinoff. I love it! It is titled: "into the valley" and it reminds me of the beautiful landscapes of upstate NY (even though he resides in Canada). Soon this beauty will be hanging in my living room! If you would like to purchase one of Harry's amazing pieces stop on over to his online shop Paintbox.

I also recently purchased some awesome soap and lip balm from Volta for my friend Mandi's birthday (Happy Birthday Mandi!). It arrived and I was smitten! I really had to hold myself back from keeping the soap for myself :) The lavender & lemongrass smelled so yummy I wanted to eat it! I also loved how the lip balm came in a tin ( my friend and I have a weird fascination with little boxes). I will defiantly be back to this shop for holiday gifts!

Alright this is kind of a funny purchase :) My son who is going to be 3yrs loves worms! He digs huge holes in our backyard and pulls out "wormies" and carries them around the yard! So when I saw handsewns super worm, I knew this was perfect for him (he loves superheros too)! I immediately emailed the lovely and sweet handsewn herself and asked for a custom order of three super wormies! To my surprise they were ready and waiting for my shopping cart the very next day! These little wormies make great gifts, prizes or even decor for any child!
Ok that's all for today. I have to get some cold meds and a nice cup of tea brewing!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I awoke this morning to find out that my tote is ready for voting on the craftster 350 challenge front page! How exciting! I looked through all the wonderful submissions by all the different people! You must go check it out! Everyone came up with such unique items! Some of the t-shirt designs are outstanding! So here are some of the pics of the tote I made for the contest! (cross your fingers for me!)
"We are not alone"
Up close shot of removable Earth zip pouch and critter appliques!
My favorite part of the whole bag! Mr.Whale eating krill! Yummy!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! It is pretty cool here and I am really enjoying it! Thanks again for all your support!
Stay sweet!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome to my jumbled brain!
Everyday I have so many new ideas that I have notebooks thrown around my house filled with all kinds of sketches and ramblings. My Husband says I have craft ADD. So here I am ready to show you some of my handy work this week. I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I have been busy :)
Here is my newest addition to the shop! Presenting ....Little Luchador thumb wrestlers! ha! I love them! I even whipped up some funky packaging for them! I can't wait to make more of these little guys!

I have been on a major plush kick this last week! I made a boat full of plushies that are all ready for the upcoming holiday season! This is Marco the bunny (I thought he looked kind of Euro-hip) he made an appearance in the shop earlier this week! Ok lovelies back to work I go!
Have a cozy week !

Monday, August 04, 2008

Hi everyone! It's Monday again and even though I will miss the weekend (sleeping in and big breakfast!) There is a whole new week to look ahead too!
I have been so busy lately with the house and the shop that my poor little bloggy has been forgotten :( So I made an extra effort today to stop by and make a post!
Today seemed like a good day for some awesome finds that I am swooning over! Oh if I had money to spend..the damage I would do :)
This adorable and naughty bookplate makes me smile! I love it! I think any book lover would really enjoy these as a gift! This one is called "Don't be a blowhole" by onegoodbumblebee!

I saw these great bags on Etsy's front age this morning! They are perfect for avocados or other delicate veggies! You get a set of 4 for $20! You can beat that price! So go check out GoodKarma's shop for these awesome bags and other Eco friendly products!

Ok, I saved this lovey for last! I am beyond pining for this amazing drum lampshade by MasseyandRoger! For one thing they have bunches of awesome budgie themed items, and second they have amazing shades! I love this budgie design and it come in white, aqua, and yellow! How cool would this look over your bed, or dining room table!
Alright that is enough drooling and wanting for one day! My tummy is asking for lunch and the sunshine is calling my name! Have a yummy Monday everyone!