Saturday, November 20, 2010

Busy buzzing bee
So as usual the studio is an utter wreck. I am a very messy worker bee, but like to begin with a clean work space. Tomorrow before anything, I will be sorting and cleaning my work table. I know I should not be that messy, but no matter how much I try the end result is the same.

Here is a little snippet of one of my new fabrics. I am still tweaking it, but I am very pleased with what I already have done. I am thinking of many cute things to make with this print. So excited! I do have a couple more new designs, but need to make some extra monies before spending it all on fabric. Besides all the craftiness that is swirling about my head, only one thing on the mind...Thanksgiving! I enjoy cooking, so needless to say I love Thanksgiving. This week will be a whirlwind of squash, potatoes, cranberries, Apple and pumpkin pies! Can't wait to gobble them all up come Thursday! After Thanksgiving I will have some more cuteness to share, but for now have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Makers unite!
Things have been nutty around here. There is always personal and family happenings, but also lots of busy creation happenings too. I have been working on lots of new products and ideas for the shop. I have already introduced two new projects; The holiday "Bag-O-Cheer" and Monsieur molar. They had been floating around my head and my sketch book for a while.
I do have some exciting news that I can't share yet, but I hope to be able to share it soon! It is so super awesome and I am so honored to be a part of it! Eeek! Not to totally be a tease, here are some new things I can share!
I have been feverishly designing fabrics. It is my new obsession! This guy above is my ode to the 1980's. My Son recently saw an old Simon game commercial from the 80's and now he has been searching out all 1980s games. I have decided yet what I plan to make with it? I experimented on some designs, but nothings a keeper yet.

I also designed these 2 little birdies. I think I might name them Peep and Tweet! They will be making an appearance in the shop soon. After the holidays I really have to clean up my act, literally. I have to organize everything! This tend to get a wee bit unruly around here with the Holidays.

A couple of things coming up in the ityworld. Look for holiday sales on EtsyonSales , Lots of new items at Needles &Pens in sunny San Francisco, and if you haven't already sign up with my newsletter for coupons and events!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Its Fall again...
So its Fall again. Time to wrap up loose ends and sewing until my fingers are sore! Right now I am busy, busy, busy getting ready for Christmas. I have lots of new things in store for the itybity shoppers. Two new lovelies will be in the shop in the next week!
Can I tell you how much I love the Fall. Really, I love it with all the fuzzy feelings of an awesome sweater and homemade pumpkin pie! So besides sewing and working at the shop...I have been enjoying this wonderful Season with my family. Making yummy goodies and pumpkin picking. What more could a girl ask for?

I also wanted to thank all the itybity fans that came to see me at World Maker Faire NYC! I had a blast and meet some really cool people, made some connections, and nibbled some good food.

It was a weekend filled with interesting twist that is for sure! I was able to showcase some new items that are now available in the shop. Like my new line of ipad and Iphone cozies. My good friend Mandi came to help out. She walked away with a camera full of gold women, bicycle fish, squid cars, and larger then life mouse trap game. And if all that confused you, you had to have been there!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

It has been a long and busy Summer. It has been mighty hot, too hot if you ask me! I am more of a home body then a beach bum. Don't get me wrong I adore the beach! I love collecting seashells splashing in the surf, and building sand castles. I don't however like to sweat. Most people are amazed how pale I am considering my Italian heritage.
So what do I do with all that time spent indoors...I think of crazy and whimsical things to sew and make silly!

This Summer I have introduced some new items to the shop, but before the holidays there will be much more! I have been doodling like crazy in my notebook (I have tons of notebooks scattered around my house filled with doodles!) and can't wait to start creating! I really can't imagine not making things. Its kind of like breathing for me. Not all my creations work, but I learn from everything I do. It is amazing how much one person will learn over a years time.

Whats next? Why loads of fun, cute and geekey items headed your way!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Christmas in July sale!



This will be the last sale for this year, so grab'em while their hot!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy 4th of July!
I am sorry my little readers that I have been away for so long. I can't believe it has been a whole month almost since my last entry. Crazy! I have been so super busy that I plum near forgot about it. A couple of readers asked, "Where have you been?"...well between my online shop, the brick and mortar store, store website and a 4 yr old....I just lost track! EEK!
Well the shop has some new additions like yummy pocket mirrors and new vintage camera pouches. I hope to share some more new projects and goodies I have been working on soon!

One of my newest adventures is in pillow making! I not only made the pillow case, but designed the fabric! Cool huh! I am not sure if I will offer online for sale yet? hmm I guess I will have to think about it some more.

I have been crazed lately about making my own lip balm or roll on perfume! I haven't taken the leap yet, but maybe someday soon! I guess it all depends on time/ money (wait doesn't everything!). This weekend should be pretty busy for me, but I hope to relax a little on Sunday and catch the fireworks! Hope everyone has super fun plans for the holiday weekend!



Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hello. My name is Lisa. I am a forgetful blogger! Hahahah! Too many things going on to keep up with everything. Yikes! It's not that I don't remember you blog, you just keep being put on hold. *sigh* I need more hours in a day, and more energy from my body. ok enough about me...How are you?
The shop has been steady and I have lots of little projects brewing. More yummy totes, and fun plushies soon. The brick and mortar is also keeping me busy (never a time to think). In between sewing, working, you can often catch me doodling (above doodle of recent store window display). I have also taken up knitting, which I am enjoying. It has been a good activity to bring to the shop that doesn't require plugs, nosey motors, or many tools.
Also in non-crafty news, my bathroom is almost completely done! We only have to hang 2 things and she is finished! Boy, oh boy was that remodel a challenge. It took me to my breaking point! Now I am pleased to say we have a lovely tiled 30's style bathroom. Yay! I will post pics when we are completely finished.
Ok. Off I got o get some other work done and pump myself full of coffee!\

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The demolition.

Starting this weekend we are ripping apart our bathroom for renovation. So as you can imagine these past couple of weeks have been a little crazy! The fun parts were picking out the tile and so forth, but the dumpsters, tools, time, and plumbers needed are not my cup of tea! So in honor of what my dream bathroom might be, I put together a inspiration board. I am hoping to remember to take pics of the former ugly bathroom, and do a side by side with the new and improved!

In other news I have been working on many little side projects that I hope to share soon. A new tote should peek its head into the shop next week, and some of the old but awesome appliques will find there way too!

Keep warm in this crazy May weather!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Holy cow!
I can not believe the last time I updated the blog! Yikes! Time flies when life is keeping you busy. Lots of new things to share! I have been super busy with my B&M and Etsy shops. I have a ton of new ideas and new items for the shop to be up shortly. I have been making a line of home goods for my B&M that I hope to share soon as well. I have lots of cutey items on the way like notepads, totes, wristlets, brooches, mini zines, exclusive pouches and plushies!

This little taco guy is from the last round of totes (just to give you an idea). I have been sewing feverishly on all kinds of yummy goodies! So stay tuned!

Last I would like to share a little side project that I have teamed up with my Husband on. My Husband loves wood working (since HS), and I just recently got insanely obsessed with knitting. Yes, I said knitting. Like I don't have enough on my plate! So over the last couple of months I have been knitting away on cowls/neck warmers, and he has been cutting and sanding bracelets. Above is an example of one of his Ash bangles. What I find amazing is he doesn't even own a lathe! These babies are made totally by hand! So after getting quite a stash of items we decided to open a Etsy store together! You can check it out at The Same!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while! It has been crazy (shops, health, etc...). I hope everyone is enjoying some form of Spring weather! It has been unseasonably warm here this week, and even though I know it won't stills feels good :) The Sun always gets me in the mood to clean everything. That's what I really enjoy about the season, Spring cleaning! Align Center

I have been hard at work applique, knitting, sewing, and doodling. It has been a very productive Winter. I plan on having many new things popping up as the year goes on. But for now I am busy like a bee! So I hope you all have a sweet as can be weekend, and enjoy my little cherries that I hope to eat on some chocolate cake tonight :)


Lisa xox

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The NEW news...
Ok. what have I been up to you might ask, well tons of stuff. First off like many of you I have been buried in snow the past week. Lots of shoveling and warm sweaters. I have also joined a new local organization for promoting shopping local which I am very excited about. So I have been really trying to keep buying local as much as humanly possible! It can be hard at times because of my Sons food allergies. Which brings me to food. I love food. I sometimes wish I went to the culinary. I really enjoy cooking!
So in my effort to make the world a sweeter place I offer my readers a simple and yummy recipe!
Banana Strawberry smoothies!
8-12oz of crushed ice
1 1/2 cp of stonyfarm strawberry yogurt
1 1/1 banana (cut up)
1 tsp of sugar
Pour into your blender, blend until it looks like ice cream, and eat!
num num!
Speaking of num num. I finally got my butt over to Beach Lake Bread. I wholesale and retail bakery of the main strip here in Honesdale. The breads are amazing and beautiful to boot! You can also purchase homemade teas (from my friend Gudren), pies, rolls, pastries, hummus, muffins, etc. I purchased a cheese croissant. Holy joy of eating it is (and I am not lying) the best croissant I have ever tasted. EVER. Every part was perfect, the flakiness, the buttery soft inside and the creamy sweet cheese. Really an amazing experience for your taste buds!

Now that I will probably gain 20lbs due to my cheese croissant addiction. I will leave you while I sob into my bathing suit.

Stay warm!


Monday, February 08, 2010

What have I been up to...
Well to tell you the truth, a little bit of everything! I have been sewing like a mad women, getting the shop in gear for Spring, and doing many side projects. The weather unfortunately has hindered some of my many projects, but at times helps me get things in order.
I spent the weekend organizing, and day dreaming of warm weather. Listening to my crazy mix of music on my ipod, and basking in any little pinch of sunlight wondering through the window. My brain is starting to buzz alive with new ideas (I think it may be solar powered )! My 4 year old Son has been nagging me to help him start his own mini zine. He adores some of the awesome artist zines we have at the shop and kept begging me to help him make one. Well, I finally got some time together to make that happen. And putting our 2 brains together was beyond fun and awesome! So I unveil to you our first mini zine
"Super Cider vs Evil Soda"
The Title was all my Sons making! He even laid out the store line (I only tweaked it a little bit). He helped me design the characters and put it all together! I am so proud of our little zine! He made copies for all his friends and even asked to have it on Etsy (smart kid). So if you would like a peak or to purchase our amazing mini zine, just hop on over to my Etsy shop and check it out! All proceeds will go to my little man.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gift ideas
With Valentines Day getting near I thought I would post some of my Fav gift ideas. All of the gifts will be under $20, unique, and will be guaranteed to create awesome memories. Check back through the month to see new ideas!
Yes, I said flip books! This site and product are so fun! I did this for my Husband last Fathers day, and he adored it! All you have to do is download a personal video, or pictures and presto! You have a one of a kind gift that no when can top (unless they have a billion dollars and buy you a tropical island or something?). They start at $8.99, and go up from there. You can even place bulk orders for Birthdays, Wedding favors, and the list goes on and on.
I recorded a quick video on my digital camera of my Son dancing, Loaded the video to flipclips, Picked a cover, and in about a week I had a awesome gift! EasyPesy!
They also often send you coupons for % off or even free flip books on your next purchase.
Pretty cool in my book!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lazy Days...
I am still trying to beat this darn cold! It has been kicking my butt for over a week. My Son (the germ infested pip) has it too. I have tried every conceivable cold medication out there, nothing works against this mutant. I guess it is back to old remedies, Chicken soup don't fail me now!

I decided to post some awesome finds on Etsy that I am really lovin right now!
The Scottie letter holder is soo amazing. I wish I had scooped it up first!
Well enjoy and happy Etsy hunting!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Look for a new Year!
Happy Wednesday! The sun peaked out at me for a tiny bit, and then ran back to hide behind the clouds. It now looks gloomy like rain is headed our way.
I am really looking forward to warmer weather! I can't wait to do more "Spring cleaning" and to start planting my garden!
In honor of Spring and warm weather...
I gave the blog a make-over. I think it really needed it (plus the old one was making me dizzy). I hope you like the new light and airy feel!

In other news I would like to share a new project of mine! Say a howdy welcome to 3-D pouches! I am so excited about this venture! I have been working on this for a while now and it was so awesome to finally release the first in the series (yes, I said series). After many tries and countless headaches, I finally found what worked! Yay! I have listed the Space themed pouch in the shop already. This is only one idea that has been floating around my crowed and silly head.

Well off I go. I am out of coffee and there are errands that need running!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello Tuesday...
This week so far has brought shopping, snow, rain, sunny days, eureka moments, and a head cold. Wait, you say its only Tuesday? How could that all happen by the 2nd day of the week?
It's all true I say!
This week was suppose to be the week that I got a head start on the pending projects and errands. Instead I got sick. Just my luck! Sore throat, headache, stuffy nose, now a cough that could wake a drugged raver!
Looking at the bright side to all of this (under the dirty tissues) I got to break in my new slippers! Santa dropped them off on Christmas and they are AMAZING! They are from LLBean, and are super comfy! I love you slippers!
Here lays my mess.
I still can't wait to finally move into my studio. Maybe this Summer will bring promise :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The week is half over and boy am I glad! I think I have the Winter blues, and am in need of some sunshine! In my state of mooping I have managed to start some projects that have been brewing my little head. I love being part of some of the teams on Etsy (even if i don't have as much time as I would like to create with them) and have been a member of Etsy Veggie for some time. This group is near to my heart, always helping other members, and donating lots of funds to many worthy causes. I wanted to express my love, and help support them this fine new year! My idea, I would design a pouch just for them!

This is a pieces of the fabric I have created for Etsy veggie! I am not sure if I want to tweek it some more...Maybe I will let it grow on me for another day or two :)
I also wanted to make another little something to go inside the pouch! How about recipe cards! Everyone needs recipe cards, no?
I hear the kettle calling my name! Back to work he says!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winters dream...
It seems like Summer, Fall, and Winter have gone by with a flash. After opening my own shop last August, I have been working non-stop. It doesn't even feel like the Holidays have come and gone. I have so many things I want to do! But the question is do I have the time to do them? I have been buzzing around working on new ideas, old ideas, and keeping up with orders. Sometimes I wish I could tune out the world and just work on crafty projects all day. I have so many ideas, maybe too many ideas! I hope to try and keep the blog up to date this year as much as possible.
So today I will start with some AWESOME gifts I received for Christmas!
National Geographic Image collection hardcover book. It is filled with never before seen photos from their archives! I am such a nerd! I wanted this book the second I laid eyes on it! I think my idea of the best day ever would be to spend an entire day in the national geographic archives with unlimited access and unlimited hot coffee ! Hahaha!

I have a Le creuset obsession. There, I said it!

I also got these boots from Nine West their vintage America series. I love these boots! I can't wait to wear them in the Spring, and Fall! I think they may even work with a cute dress some days? I guess I can't wait for the snow to melt, but I still have 3 mos to go!
Well I hope my awesome gifts from err "Santa" have inspired you, or made you jealous :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Coming soon! Blog re-haul! For the New Year! woot woot!