Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi! It's Thursday and I am happy the week is almost over! The weather has been so nice the last day or so, that it triggered a "spring cleaning"marathon in my house :) It is hard keeping stuff organized with the renovation of my house still going on. So after going through items no longer needed and cleaning up my craft supplies I decided to do a quick tribute to the resourceful re-purpose artist!
Here are some great ideas from some Etsy artist who have put a new spin on recycling!
1. Large Circuit board clip boards by DebbyAremDesigns.
2. Gear head messenger bag by Crafterella made from fused trash bags! How cool is that!
3. Soda earrings by MademoiselleLemieux made from guessed it soda cans!

(Above: pin cushion made from recycled fabric clippings)
I have been really trying to reduce the garbage my family produces lately. When you stop and think about things before you throw them away, it really starts to open your eyes. There are so many things that can be recycled, re-used, or re-purposed. I started putting a bag next to my desk about 3 months ago to catch all the fabric, thread,felt and other sewing clippings. It is truly amazing how much of these clippings I have saved! I have been recycling these clippings by using them as stuffing for pin cushions, sachets, and other reusable items. (Below: bag of clippings from the past month!)

Have a lovely Thursday everyone!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I have many addictions!
Etsy is feeding my addictions too fabric, weird kitch and Art. One of these addictions is near and dear to my heart...Art. If you did not know I am not only a pouch sewing nut. I paint, draw, and when studio space is available..pottery. These are my loves that I rarely get to do, but hope to have more time and space for in the future. So until my dream life comes true I do like to show my love to other artist!
Here is a vintage 3-d postcard that I just had to own from Shop66 ! I find it creepy and cute all at the same time..perfect combination :) It reminds me of these weird books I had as a child with 3-d covers of the little red riding hood! I can't wait to get a funky frame and hang it in my studio!

One of my favorite artist on Etsy is BettyTurbo! I love here crazy retro style prints! There are so many to choose from and I can't wait until I redo my kitchen to adorn it with BettyTurbo! I did purchase this awesome Meat card to hold of my Betty cravings until then :)

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Oh and Happy Memorial Day!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Etsy Picks!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! My weekend consisted off some shopping, sewing, cleaning and baking! I do wish the weather had been better. It has been chilly and rainy for about a week! The only good side to that was everywhere I looked I was reminded of the household chores that needed to be done! When it is sunny you tend to turn a blind eye :)
Well I decided to show off some of my favorite Etsy items! I have been swooning over and hope to have some extra cash soon to swipe them up!
(Above) I love this Mustard colored yarn ball by ChaunceyPGraham! I think it would be a lovely pincushion! Please take a look around Chauncey's shop! He has amazing recycled and re purposed items! Lovely!
(Below) And not a surprise of a pick due to my obsession with sea creatures, especially squid! OrangeMoonToys 20,000 leagues under the sea shadow puppets! I am head over heel for these babies!! I have to figure out what I want to do with them...maybe frame them in crazy scenes? The possibilities are endless!!!! Check out OrangeMoonToys for other awesome shadow puppets!
Here kitty kitty! Such a creepy but awesome kitty cat from WhoMadeWho! I love the vintage look, reminds me of old German Halloween decorations! And even better there is polka-dots!!! Visit WhoMadeWho for other great gifts, prints, and handbound books!

All right my sweets that is all for today! Off I go to sew! I have a ton of new idea that will be creeping into the shop soon! Oh and my tummy is in need of some lunch :)
Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yeahhh my squid army is finally done!
I am so relived that I finished my goal of 75 bags for the MTV Movie Awards! It felt like a never ending sewing dream! But the finish line came late last night and I was so thrilled on how they came out! I think I am proudest of that no two squids are the same! It took forever and a day to applique, but it was worth it.
It was hard parting with my little squidlets at the PO but I know they off on a exciting adventure! Bye, bye little squidlets have a safe and fun filled trip!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hello out there!
It has been a whirl wind couple of months! I hope everyone is doing well? I have been sick twice in the last 3 weeks! ugh! I finally got over my yucky sore throat and fever..and then hubby went on a business trip! And everyone knows what planes carry..well besides people :) they carry lots of germ infested people! So next thing I know hubby, kid and I are all sick! So here I sit drinking some tea and eating saltines. What a way to spend a day!
Well besides being sick, many things have been happening since my last post! I know, I know, I haven't been posting ...sorry! I just don't have enough time in a day! So time to play catch up.........
Lately I have been going a little button crazy! I have tons and tons of antique buttons that I adore. So finally I decided to add a button touch to one of my pouches! I think it came out splendid! I love this color combo to and defiantly see it making an appearance in later ity-bity Bags :)

Ok, now for the big news! The past 2 weeks I have been sewing like a mad women and feel like I am being smothered by squid! Why you ask? Well my ity-bity squids are soon to be off to the Mtv movie awards swag bags! How awesome is that! I am so excited (but very tired of sewing) and can't wait for them to be done and arrive safe! The Mtv awards airs on June 1st, so keep your eyes peeled for any ity-bity squids :)
Also Harriet the hoot will make an appearance in the new Etsy ad featured in the June Venus Magazine! So go pick up a copy and check it out!
So see..I did not forget about you! It has just been a little cray around here!
Happy Wednesday!