Monday, June 29, 2009

Lovely finds....
I found this really wonderful set of vintage robin juice glasses at the local thrift store! I fell in love ass soon as I saw them. They are perfect! I kind of did one of those rush over, look around, can't believe someone hasn't swiped these up kind of weirdness. I thought these would be a lovely reminder of the robins nesting on our porch this past Spring. Now they sit all pretty in my cupboard waiting for my orange juice. I have already warned the other inhabitants of my home what will ensue if these are broken!
Well off I go with much work ahead of me this week. I hope to share some VERY exciting news with all of you soon!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I am so excited to release my new little cutey! Meet "Flash" the shy camera :) He is in the shop right now! He is just one of the new projects I hope to roll out before the holidays! I really love these little guys!
He comes on a satined plaque that is ready to hang!

awhhh so cute! Keep watching for more surprise!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Late night appliques and movies.....
So Friday night and Saturday morning consisted of lots of cutting and sewing. Friday night I started late with some cutting of appliques and movie watching. I made a nest on my living room floor of felt, scissors and a cup of tea. Now it was time to sit back and enjoy a movie. We watched Zelig. Its an older Woody Allen movie/mocumentary about a man who suffers a sort of split personalty disorder. It was funny, but not on the top of my list for best Woody Allen movies. I did manage to get some appliques done. By the end of the movie I was tired and my fingers were about to fall off! Time for bed!
Above is a snippet of my studio space or the corner I am shoved in that resides in the family room. My upstairs "Real" studio has yet to be worked on. I hope to move in at the end of the Summer, but I guess only time will tell! Right now I have so many projects going on that my work space is a disaster! Piles of fabric,ricrac and projects in various stages getting ready for the Fall/Holiday season. I hope to share some of my new surprises with you soon!

(above: Late night appliques)
Well I guess I should get that last cup of coffee, watch the end of CBS Sunday morning and get my rear in gear!
Happy Fathers day and Happy Sunday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I have been so behind in blog posting that my poor little blog has become beyond sad. I have been so busy as of late and finding the time is a pain. But I am trying :) Over the past weekend we had a little family outing. We packed up a lunch and headed to NYC for a day at the MNH! It was my Sons first visit (I still think he is a little young) I think he enjoyed it, but it was a long and tiring day. I thought I would share some snippets of my adventure!Here are some Buffalo! I can't tell you enough how much a love the diorama/ taxidermy exhibits at the MNH. They look so real you just want to touch the animals! So beautiful! There is so many animals and I took a load of pics. They even had a squid diorama!
Next on my list of favs was the woolly mammoth. I wish I could see one of these big boys a live. It must have been magnificent!
This hand carved boat is part of the Pacific islander exhibit. It was a truly amazing piece of craftsman ship! My Husband ogled it for 1/2 hour! It really was pretty amazing.

As luck would have it we went during there frogs from around the world exhibit. It only runs for a short time. It was pretty cool! I have never seen such an array of different frogs in my life! I had a few fav frogs, but this guy was one of a kind. He just had this stare. He kind of reminded me of Christopher Walken! Ha!

My surprisingly favorite exhibit (and my Sons favorite) was the rock and mineral wing. It was really amazing how some thing so beautiful and unusually happens so naturally.

So that was the end of our NYC little trip. The next day Sunday resulted in a hike in the woods that went terrible wrong! So it was kind of half a lovely weekend, half the weekend from hell.
Maybe this weekend will be more relaxing!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well its Wednesday! Thank goodness! It has been a long week and past weekend filled with family, sewing, yard work, visits to the dentist, cooking and trips to the PO. Pheew I think I just broke a sweat writing about it! I have added some new little pips to my shop like this little guy! So welcome Chatty Bear and visit in the shop!

I am trying really hard to get back in the swing of things (including my neglected blog) and hope to be back in full swing next week. I have been kicking around the notion to start a recipe day with special allergy sensitive menus (for all you allergic fellows).

Ok. I am off to visit the Post lady again (her name is Shirley and she is one awesome lady)!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ok I know its Tuesday and your probably looking for a DIY project....or how about a quick and easy Summer recipe!
Yummy roasted vine ripe tomatoes
What you need:
4-6 vine ripe tomatoes
Coarse sea salt
Fresh oregano
Olive oil
Cut tomatoes in 1/4inch slices. Place in one layer on a oiled foil lined baking sheet. Sprinkle with sea salt and oregano. Now kind of shake some olive oil on top of them. Place in a 325 degree oven for 2 hours. Once cooled you can pack them in an air tight container and keep for up to 1 week! So yummy!
These are perfect as a side, in salad, over pasta, in a sandwich or just a snack!

Monday, June 01, 2009

So I am still working on my house, and sewing up a storm. I need to get outside today and do some gardening. Plus the fresh air would do me good! Over the weekend I did a custom order for a loyal (and always sweet) customer. I think it came out super cute! I am even considering making them for the shop! What do you think?
Well off I go to get dressed ( yes, dressed. That is a perk of working from home) and tend to my wee-little garden.
Maybe I will share some garden pics in the future :)