Monday, December 31, 2007

Burrr it is chilly here in ityland!
We got some snow last night, not a lot but enough to freeze
my little toes!
Hope everyone is happy and healthy and ready to bring
in the New Year!!!!
Thanks to everyone who supported my shop and made this year
so exciting and lovely!
Please remember to stop in and check out my first shop update for 2008!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Wow, it has been a crazy month!
Thanks to all the wonderful ity fans for all your support! It was a fun
and busy season, but I am glad I got to share it with everyone! I hope all
of you had a wonderful holiday. I got so many great gifts from Santa, I thought I
would share a couple with you!
Santa stashed in my stocking this oh so lovely Dot Dot Ring by Brooke Medlin of Gemmafactrix.
I have been visiting it for some time and am so please to now own it!
This painting "Emma and the Hornet god" by Opticwaste I have been swooning over!!!
I was so excited to find it snuggled under the tree! I can not wait to hang it somewhere special!! What a glorious Christmas!!!
I also got this sweet pair of delicate blue flower earrings from my favorite
earring designer jeweledMonkey .
I love all of her vintage inspired flavor that appears in every pair! So, I have to say I had a wonderful Christmas! It was lovely and quiet and stuffed full of yummy treats!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hello my lovely little readers!
I have been pretty busy these last few weeks
and now finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel!
The shop is having a end of the year sale. I am trying to make room for
new little critters come 2008!
So do drop by and take a peek!

This is Bettie the bunny! She is new to shop and filled with hand-painted goodness! I have been working on bettie and other creatures for sometime now. I am trying new things in order to bring together my sewing and painting! She is a little clue to what new things maybe stopping by the shop next year!

Well I hope everyone is excited about the holidays! I know I am! Have a happy and wonderful Christmas my ity-bity friends!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello my Ity-bity folks!
Sorry for not updating the blog like I should. It has been busy around here
because of the holidays that are fast approaching!
Today I awoke to a icy wonderland outside my door! Seems that the north east has been
slammed by jack frost and more is a coming! So put on your gloves and grab some salt and away
we go!

I did get to some much needed sewing this weekend! I do have much more to do today, but one step at a time! Here are some squirrels that are new to my shop! They are having a fight over the last acorn! I think I made this pouch because of the squirrels I have been watching. I think someone forgot to tell them it is winter! Every morning they brave the cold and dig at the icy ground looking for food! Such silly little critters!

Hope everyone has a busy and fun filled week!

Stay cozy!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hello my Ity Friends!
It is Tuesday and I am sorry if I haven't updated the blog in a couple of days!
Busy, busy, busy or at the shop! I am proud and honored to say I finally made it
to my 300th sale!!!! How exciting! I think I will make a extra special dinner for my
family tonight to celebrate this milestone! Thank you everyone for supporting my shop
and making this possible!
In other Ity snowed! Again!
Here is a picture of my Son helping my darling husband shovel snow on Sunday
Morning! After, we went inside for some hot cocoa!! Yum!

I have also been hard at work in the studio sewing like crazy! I made
lots of new pouches (some already listed in shop) and Java Knickers! Below is the new scarf "the dreamy Fawn" which I have not listed yet, but she will be coming soon!
One more thing before I go...Remember to ask your local Post office
for some letters to Santa. Every year the PO gets loads of letters from
children writing to Santa. Answer one, and help make a child's wish come true!
Happy Tuesday and keep warm and cozy!