Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am completely obsessed with the Beales. I had never heard of them until about 8 years ago or so. I read an article about them and Jackie Kennedy. I found the whole thing very intriguing. I read a little bit about them, and then life push the Beales to the back of my brain. One day while searching on netflix a couple of years ago I stumbled upon Grey Gardens the documentary. I new I must see this.

After watching this stunning piece of work I realized why I was so fascinated by these 2 women. They reminded me of my family. This may seem strange to people but my Grandmother was a shut in of sorts. She lived in a large old house that was falling down around her. She never worked a day in her life and seemed to push away the 21st century. This week the New York times has some wonderful photos from the Beales house. To most this may be shocking. To me it brings back memories.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunny day...
The last couple of weeks I have been busy like a bee. I had tons of ideas for a new Spring line of casual and formal clutches. I am really loving how they are turning out! I had to put a couple of projects on hold because unfortunately I hurt my wrist. Trying to sew with a arm brace is kind of tough. Anyway, here is one of my clutches! This one is called "The Dreamer" . All of the bags in this line will be made entirely out of vintage fabrics.
(below) Here is another bag, yet to be listed in the shop. I love this little guy! I wanted to keep him for myself! I will probably list it when I take better pics and come up with a name. I was so excited to find these vintage wooden handles and insert! I think it came out awesome!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Tuesday everyone! This weeks tutorial is "How to make a mini book". Now you can use any size paper you wish to make this little book. Actually you can make a big book this way too! I like to make these for my Son using plain old printer paper or scrap paper, but you can use prettier paper.
Mini book
Step 1 &2: Fold paper in half vertically. Now fold it again horizontally.
Step 3& 4: Fold paper again vertically. Now unfold paper until your back to step 2 . You should have a piece that is 2 sheets thick and has a cross fold crease in the middle. Using scissors only cut the bottom fold crease when holding the papers horizontally. (See diagram below, cut where thick bold black line is in 2nd diagram)
Step 5& 6: Unfold the paper entirely. It should look like diagram 5 below. Next Fold the paper in half horizontally with open cut in the center. Hold onto each side and push toward the center. This should push open the cut you made earlier and make a diamond box. Now you should be able to see your mini book coming to life! You can use a glue stick to glue the center pages together.

Perfecto! Now you are ready to start drawing and writing in your mini book! Some wonderful ideas are making the spine out of cute fabric, or laminating the pages. You can even do this to make many pages and make your own flip book!

Well now I must run off and do my daily list of chores. It looks like it may be a beautiful sunny day today, maybe a good day for a walk!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Etsy finds I am loving today!

I guess I was in a blue/red mood today. I really enjoy mixing vintage and modern design.



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Its Tuesday! Yay! It is finally time for some easy DIY projects that anyone can master! Today's DIY is going to be.....
Fabric flowers!
STEP 1: Cut out 5 wavy flower shapes from the fabric of your choice(in the photo I am using paper). Each piece you cut will be a layer tot he flower. If you would like a bulkier flower add more layers! I chose to free hand cut my flower design (photo 1), but you can do it anyway you want really.
Step 2: Fold all of your layers in half except for 1 piece.
Step 3: Now you are going to stack and over lap each folded piece of fabric (see photo 3).
Step 4: Now all of your layers should be stack up. At this time I usually add the non-folded piece of fabric to the bottom. This is a good time to also add some stitches to keep everything in place.
Step 5: Now all of your piece should be held together with a couple of simple stitches.
Step 6: You can now add a center piece to your flower. I choose a vintage button from my collection, but you could use anything! Buttons, beads, fabric, ribbon...there are many possibilities!

Hurry! You now have a cute as can be fabric flower! Now go add it to something spectacular!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Crazy weekend

This weekend was kind of a insane and idea filled. I did manage to start a new collection in my shop called "Via Air Mail". I have been gathering fabrics and sketching ideas for this line for a while now. I have to say that I am pretty proud of it. I think it has ignited a spark in me that I was afraid I had lost. It is strange how simple ideas can make or break your day.
So in my frenzy of sewing and starting a new collection... I also moved into have an entire line of my own custom printed fabrics. Although I do like many fabrics of other designers, I never felt enjoyment making items out of someone else's vision. But now I can make my own vision come to life and it feels wondrous! I hope everyone enjoys them too (I worked really hard on these babies).

(above : pouch made from my very own "sleeping fox" fabric)

Here is a quick peek into my messy studio space. It works for now, but hopefully soon I will move up stairs (out of the family room) and into my own space. I hope everyone had a great weekend!



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well it has been a long last 2 weeks. I have been extremely busy, and out of my mind the past week. Everything seem to fall together all at once! Last week some of you may know, my Grandfather inlaw passed away. He was a loving and proud man, we all will miss him greatly. Much of last week was spent driving to and from NY to visit family and say our goodbyes. This unexpected event lead to me being a little behind schedule. So I spent most of Easter weekend trying to catch up.
How ever I did find a little snip it of time to browse the local auction (which I love! It is located on a huge livestock farm!). I saw this beauty, and at that moment I knew I must have her! In perfect condition this 1920's-30's phonograph plays beautifully! I also scooped up some phonograph 78 records. So most of my Sunday consisted of sewing and listening to records. It was perfect!

So off I go to listen to some foxtrots and drink my beloved coffee.
Also there is no need to fret! The DIY Tuesday will be back in full swing next week!


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fabric dreams..
I think I have a fabric addiction. I like making my own fabric, finding vintage fabric and buying new fabric. I could spend hours at a fabric shop, and spend all of my money on fabric. Thank goodness I have never won the lottery (I don't even play) because I would probably buy so much fabric it would bury me. Spoonflower, the amazing site dedicated to artist designing their own fabric has been my down fall. Everyday I think of a new fabric design that I want to make!
I also enjoy the hunt for amazing vintage fabrics! I am lucky to live in a rural area with many hidden treasures. Auctions, thrift stores, rummage sales reveal a spender of objects once loved.
This brings me to my latest finds! I happened on a stash of vintage fabrics at my local thrift store. Score! I walked away with a bag full of fabric and some exciting ideas! I found light pink linen, dark pink cotton, and the pièce de résistance ...this rose print (above)! I love it! The mustard and dark pink roses are to die for! I can't wait to use it, but I am scared to cut into it!
Another score was this blue brown and mustard mod vintage print. It reminds me of a peacock feather! I also got 2 pieces of mustard and blue heavy weight canvas. can't wait to get started on some bags, pillows and what have yous.
Ok, I guess that is enough drooling over vintage fabrics for now. I am planning on going to a huge auction next week. Cross your fingers for me!

Happy hunting!