Monday, October 26, 2009

Cute by the dozen!

Well the holidays are fast approaching and I am started to feel the stress of it all. With the order s starting to step up, and family to shop for, it gets a little hairy. So over the last few weeks it has felt like everything has to be made on a grand scale, by the dozen or 3 dozens! Phewww I think I broke a sweat just thinking about it all! So I hope to start making and adding some new additions to the shop, but I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best!

This past weekend was super busy! My Son turned 4 and we had a (at his request) transformer party. We had 10 (or 11) four and five year olds , and about 9 adults. So my house was crazy, but it was a controlled chaos. At least that's what I want to tell myself. I think it went well. No injuries, the kids had fun, and my house was in pretty good condition when everyone left. Not to shabby!

Well off I go to continue sewing and maybe sneak in some nachos for dinner! Yum!


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