Monday, February 08, 2010

What have I been up to...
Well to tell you the truth, a little bit of everything! I have been sewing like a mad women, getting the shop in gear for Spring, and doing many side projects. The weather unfortunately has hindered some of my many projects, but at times helps me get things in order.
I spent the weekend organizing, and day dreaming of warm weather. Listening to my crazy mix of music on my ipod, and basking in any little pinch of sunlight wondering through the window. My brain is starting to buzz alive with new ideas (I think it may be solar powered )! My 4 year old Son has been nagging me to help him start his own mini zine. He adores some of the awesome artist zines we have at the shop and kept begging me to help him make one. Well, I finally got some time together to make that happen. And putting our 2 brains together was beyond fun and awesome! So I unveil to you our first mini zine
"Super Cider vs Evil Soda"
The Title was all my Sons making! He even laid out the store line (I only tweaked it a little bit). He helped me design the characters and put it all together! I am so proud of our little zine! He made copies for all his friends and even asked to have it on Etsy (smart kid). So if you would like a peak or to purchase our amazing mini zine, just hop on over to my Etsy shop and check it out! All proceeds will go to my little man.

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