Friday, August 10, 2007

Yuck! What a rainy Friday! Well at least it is not sweltering outside. Anyway, I have been cruising the Internet looking for great places to find fabric. I hope some of these sites will inspire or help you with your fabric addiction!

Reprodepot has a pretty good assortment of whimsical and trendy fabrics. One of my favorite fabric shops is Purl Home. Their website is beautiful! The colors are a pale and perfect wonderland! Another shop where you can find cute kawaii and fast delivery is Superbuzzy. They have Japanese fabrics which are so impossible to find right now. Cia's Palette also has Japanese fabrics and designer fabrics like Heather Ross's cute little gnomes!
Well I hope I have helped you find some great shops to buy fabric. I truly have a fabric addiction, and I can't help myself!

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melissakate said...

Oooooh, great links! I love Purl, but I'd never seen Superbuzzy or Cia's Palette. I almost wish I didn't know about them!!! Fabric is so expensive, it's a terrible thing to be addicted to...