Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I know..I know..I said a million times I was going to keep up with post. Ugh.
It has been so busy around here. The hubby and I have been drywalling and doing lots of yard work! Fixing up a house is hard work!
I have also been busy with orders from the shop and updating consignment orders for the Spring! So many Etsians have been successfully moving into the main stream of Media coverage. I have to remind myself that I only just started my Etsy shop last year and we have come such a long way :) I can only dream of what will be in ity-bity's future!
Well enough about me! I wanted to show you a little surprise!! Soon to be in the ...presenting....Tula! She is a dancing kitty! I love her! She came out utterly adorable! I plan on making here at home in the shop later this afternoon!
Also I have been working on some new additions to the shop as well.
Since January I have been busy in the studio making all kinds of new items, pouches and goodies! Here is another sneak peak at things to come :)

Have a lovely and sunny day my lovely friends!!


Art Kitten said...

Very sweet kitty!

twiddlestix said...

So cute! Isn't it hard to keep up!

BTW, I tagged you! See my blog for more details! ;)