Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh my! It has been soo long......since my last posting :)
I am sorry it took me so long everyone! It has been crazy these last couple of weeks. Loads of packing, then moving, and then loads of un-packing! The new house is great but needs so work. My Husband and I were tearing down walls and getting the rooms ready to be drywalled. Not very exciting and very messy! I can't wait until we can paint and start to decorate! I will post pictures of the house when I can.
In other news, Mew Gallery in Philly is having a fundraiser/auction on March 5th at the North Star bar! I made this little pack of sweets to be auctioned off! The ity-bity sweets pack includes: Ice cream applique pouch,cupcake applique tissue case, sweet tooth pin, and a cupcake plushie!! I thought it was cute and fun.. and who doesn't like ice cream and cupcakes :)

I also by freak chance got to sew a little bit the past week.
It was kind of hard because my studio is not yet ready for me. So I had to set up shop in the soon to be family room. What a mess! But at least I got some work done! One of the first things I made was this little hedgy hedgehog mp3 cozy! I think he came out adorable!!!! I hope to make more mp3 and other gadget cozies in the future!
Next I made these two little pouches! The first one is "Little house at night" and the 2nd one is just "Little House". These 2 new pouches are part of the new rural minimalist series that I started.

I will try to stay on top of the blog, and update you guys as much as I can! I plan on having many new things this spring and summer!!! So keep your eyes peeled!
Hope everyone has a lovely first week of March!!


earmark said...

moving and working can be horrid. I just moved too, the unpacking is still in motion! I love your blog and what a cute donation!!!

earmark said...

good luck with your new house!

jewelstreet said...

That gift pack is so cute!

Good luck with your house. I know how hard getting ready for drywall and painting can be. It will all be worth it when you start seeing the room come together :)

twiddlestix said...

Ah sounds like it's pretty crazy!! Hope you get through the work soon. Love your gift pack- so cute!