Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Tuesday!
It has been a crazy weekend and past week. I was waiting for my MRI results and feeling rather jittery! But I am glad to say nothing seems bad enough to kill me :P
I did manage to do some Antique shop snooping! I found a really awesome little local antique shop! It was filled with all kinds of goodies that I wish I could buy. I did scoop up these lovelies.

Starting clockwise from the top. The table cloth is from the 50's and is adorable! It has hand sewn little embroideries of cherries! I love it, even though I have no idea where I am going to put it? Next is this also handmade little pair of knickers! I think it is suppose to be a pot holder, but I am not sure. I personally think they will look lovely hanging in my studio :) And last this cute little book called "Whitie: the bunny who's wish came true" I love the illustrations and colors! And as you can see apparently I was on a red/white kick! HA!

Well I am off to do some much needed sewing. I have fallen behind due to all this health craziness! Stay cozy my loves and I will sneak back soon!



On a Whimsey said...

Healing vibes being sent across to you! Love the 'old' items pictured. I remember MIL had a tablecloth similar to the one shown!

Debbie Gootter said...

I love your choices- sounds like shopping was your therapy!

Kari said...

Great finds those are very cute!

twiddlestix said...

Glad you were able to get out and do some fun shopping! I love antique stores too.

I wanted to tell you that I tagged you on my blog!