Sunday, November 08, 2009

Happy, happy weekend!
Its Sunday? Where did my weekend go? Has anyone seen it? My life has become a flash, or at least sometimes it feels that way. It is tough being a shop owner times two, and Mom. But I can't complain, I make my own life stressful by taking on to much in a given time!
That being said, even though I have not upped my inventory yet, or started getting potentially ready...
I applied to be in the Bust magazines Holiday Craftacular !
I am so excited!! We (All of us crafters) find out if we got in on Tuesday! I really hope I did! It was such a blast last year, and I met so many wonderful people! This year I have so many new items I would love to share, and I have an awesome table display up my sleeve! hehehe
Well cross your fingers for me! I would sell my left leg to go! Is that weird?
The Bust ladies know how to throw an awesome show! Oh and last year I got to meet my idol Amy Sedaris (I am also in love with her very talented brother) so it was a dream come true!

Ok, tootles folks! I am off to do some work, and maybe eat lunch. Veggie Chili is on the menu today and it is sooo yummy! Have a smashing rest of your weekend!



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