Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hello. My name is Lisa. I am a forgetful blogger! Hahahah! Too many things going on to keep up with everything. Yikes! It's not that I don't remember you blog, you just keep being put on hold. *sigh* I need more hours in a day, and more energy from my body. ok enough about me...How are you?
The shop has been steady and I have lots of little projects brewing. More yummy totes, and fun plushies soon. The brick and mortar is also keeping me busy (never a time to think). In between sewing, working, you can often catch me doodling (above doodle of recent store window display). I have also taken up knitting, which I am enjoying. It has been a good activity to bring to the shop that doesn't require plugs, nosey motors, or many tools.
Also in non-crafty news, my bathroom is almost completely done! We only have to hang 2 things and she is finished! Boy, oh boy was that remodel a challenge. It took me to my breaking point! Now I am pleased to say we have a lovely tiled 30's style bathroom. Yay! I will post pics when we are completely finished.
Ok. Off I got o get some other work done and pump myself full of coffee!\

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