Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello my Ity-bity folks!
Sorry for not updating the blog like I should. It has been busy around here
because of the holidays that are fast approaching!
Today I awoke to a icy wonderland outside my door! Seems that the north east has been
slammed by jack frost and more is a coming! So put on your gloves and grab some salt and away
we go!

I did get to some much needed sewing this weekend! I do have much more to do today, but one step at a time! Here are some squirrels that are new to my shop! They are having a fight over the last acorn! I think I made this pouch because of the squirrels I have been watching. I think someone forgot to tell them it is winter! Every morning they brave the cold and dig at the icy ground looking for food! Such silly little critters!

Hope everyone has a busy and fun filled week!

Stay cozy!

1 comment:

Charlie said...

adorable pouch itybity!!