Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello Thursday!
As many of you know I am in the middle of fixing up my new home.
So I have been searching the Internet and stores for the perfect decor additions that make me swoon. It was harder then it sounds. Many places are just not my style. I generally enjoy antiques more than new items (I guess that may be my problem). I think a good mix between modern and vintage is what I am looking for in a style.

Here are some things I found in my scouring that if I ever win the lotto I will own!
Above is a simple vintage inspired bed frame. I would love to find one that is "vintage", but I guess this is the next best thing :) I found it on the Raymour & Flanigans site so it is easily accessible to everyone and pretty affordable.
Ok, the next thing I need is a chandelier for my dining room. I have a black colonial style dining table with black chairs. I really like the simplicity of this and it is extremely affordable! Soon I hope to bring this baby home with me (once we start the dining room). This one is available at Home depot where I have been spending most of my weekends :( I can't wait until we are at the decorating stage in our renovation! It is killing me not being able to hang pictures on the walls!!!

Now this is the frosting on the cake! I have been dreaming about this rug! I love it so! But unfortunately it is WAY to expensive for me! But it is so beautiful!! It is prefect for my living room because my walls will be that exact fern green, and my molding chocolate brown! It is made by Avalisa
I also love deers so this is the perfect blend of my insanity. I guess I should start playing the lotto or hope I become famous :)

I would love to hear about any really cool home decor anyone has found out there? So drop me a comment with a link to your dream home finds!!
Have a wonderful Thursday lovelies

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High Desert Diva said...

Here ya go:
Fabulous architectural salvage (keep an eye out for a vintage metal bed)
and located in your neck of the woods!