Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dorm room woes.....
All you Mom's and Dad's out there don't fret! I bet you have a teen going to college this fall and have been overloaded with shopping list of "must haves"! Well not to worry! First things first. Throw out the school list, don't look at the box store circulars they are just filled with crap your kid does not need. So in an effort to help penny pinching parents and style savvy teens here is my basics for college living!
(above) Sheets. These are from Linens and things and cost 29.99-59.00 and come in assortment of colors. They are available in the xL dorm size too! As for the comforter...tell your kid to use the one off there bed (it will fit).
(below) Lamps. Most dorms do not come with lamps. I would buy either a table lamp or floor lamp. Don't spend a ton on some designer lamp that your kid and there buddies will just end up breaking. I picked this lamp that looks higher end, but really is from Target and is priced at $19.00! (below) Drawer liners. Ok, I know what your saying..Drawer liners? Yes. Your kid male/female will have to stick their clothes in a dorm dresser. God knows the last time anyone cleaned that dresser (or what they kept in it)! So unless you want your kid to smell like hash and Cheetos's I would invest in some liners or sachets pronto. These beauties are from Crabtree & Evelyn for $18.99.
(below)Rugs. This is obviously not on the top of the list, but I still would get one. Most dorms have tile floors and are very cold in the Winter. This Rug I found on Urban outfitters for only $28.00! I like the range of colors that would match anything!
Other essentials that every college student should have:
Waste paper basket
Laundry bag
Bath towels
Bath caddy basket
water proof flip-flops (for wearing in the shower)
Everything else is unnecessary. I hope this post (rant) was helpful.


Christopher And Tia said...

I never had a dorm room, but I always wanted to decorate one.

Estela said...

i love the rug from urban!!