Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but the family has been trying to kick a bug! Your should I say everyone else kicked the bug but me :( I have been sick now since last Friday and only seem to be getting worse! Who gets a cold in summer anyway? Yuck! So anyway...Nothing new to really report but I have been shopping lately! So below you will find items I have recently purchased and love! Check them out!Here are all my lovely purchases starting with this amazing painting by Artist Harry Stooshinoff. I love it! It is titled: "into the valley" and it reminds me of the beautiful landscapes of upstate NY (even though he resides in Canada). Soon this beauty will be hanging in my living room! If you would like to purchase one of Harry's amazing pieces stop on over to his online shop Paintbox.

I also recently purchased some awesome soap and lip balm from Volta for my friend Mandi's birthday (Happy Birthday Mandi!). It arrived and I was smitten! I really had to hold myself back from keeping the soap for myself :) The lavender & lemongrass smelled so yummy I wanted to eat it! I also loved how the lip balm came in a tin ( my friend and I have a weird fascination with little boxes). I will defiantly be back to this shop for holiday gifts!

Alright this is kind of a funny purchase :) My son who is going to be 3yrs loves worms! He digs huge holes in our backyard and pulls out "wormies" and carries them around the yard! So when I saw handsewns super worm, I knew this was perfect for him (he loves superheros too)! I immediately emailed the lovely and sweet handsewn herself and asked for a custom order of three super wormies! To my surprise they were ready and waiting for my shopping cart the very next day! These little wormies make great gifts, prizes or even decor for any child!
Ok that's all for today. I have to get some cold meds and a nice cup of tea brewing!


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