Monday, August 04, 2008

Hi everyone! It's Monday again and even though I will miss the weekend (sleeping in and big breakfast!) There is a whole new week to look ahead too!
I have been so busy lately with the house and the shop that my poor little bloggy has been forgotten :( So I made an extra effort today to stop by and make a post!
Today seemed like a good day for some awesome finds that I am swooning over! Oh if I had money to spend..the damage I would do :)
This adorable and naughty bookplate makes me smile! I love it! I think any book lover would really enjoy these as a gift! This one is called "Don't be a blowhole" by onegoodbumblebee!

I saw these great bags on Etsy's front age this morning! They are perfect for avocados or other delicate veggies! You get a set of 4 for $20! You can beat that price! So go check out GoodKarma's shop for these awesome bags and other Eco friendly products!

Ok, I saved this lovey for last! I am beyond pining for this amazing drum lampshade by MasseyandRoger! For one thing they have bunches of awesome budgie themed items, and second they have amazing shades! I love this budgie design and it come in white, aqua, and yellow! How cool would this look over your bed, or dining room table!
Alright that is enough drooling and wanting for one day! My tummy is asking for lunch and the sunshine is calling my name! Have a yummy Monday everyone!

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lovemaryxoxo said...

Nice picks! Weekends are great, but you're right there's something about the weekdays that feel very productive!