Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Burrrrr It's cold outside!
This was the scene from my backdoor yesterday morning. It was cold and cloudy! But today I awoke to snow! Can you believe it snow..In October no less. Today was suppose to be the twon Halloween parade, but no it has been cancelled. Hopefully we can rescedule for another day. I know what would make this day better...Pumpkin pie :) Pie makes everything better!
I have been so terribly busy as of late. My Son's Birthday, Holidays approaching, orders to fill! What's a girl to do! I guess I should start asking Santa for some of his elves for Christmas this year! I am desperatly trying to have fun with it all and not stress myself out!
Oh and here is the family pumpkin! We tend to stick to the old school style of carving. I love a simple jackolantern on Halloween! After carvimg him we roasted his seeds for a yummy treat! Here is the quick recipe--->

Spray baking sheet with oil
place washed pumpkin seeds out on baking sheet
sprinkle with your favorite spices (I like old bay or red pepper)
place in the oven on 350 degrees for 20 mins
stir occasionally (so they don't stick, and get coated more with yummy goodness)

And there you have it! Yummy treat in minutes!
Have a warm and cozy day!

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Estela said...

Beautiful picture!!
I can't wait for oklahoma's first snow fall!!