Monday, November 10, 2008

Hot coffee and a slice of raisin bread always helps me start the day off right :) I am probably what you would call a coffee addict. It is sad but it kills me to go one morning without coffee! Today it is pretty gloomy out and the cold of winter is starting to rear it's head. All of the pretty leaves are gone now and all that is left is the cold bare trees. The only thing good about all this is it starts the bubbling of Christmas cheer in my mind :)I have already started some of my Christmas shopping and have list of goodies I can't wait to purchase! It has been busy, busy around here with orders and the usually pre-Thanksgiving clatter. This year or family is in charge of all the sides and pies! Yum! So yesterday was a day of revisiting yum recipes!
Also, last time I hinted at a new little yummy treat to make an appearance in the shop! Well one is already there! Introducing the "Yum Buttons"! Yum food brooches that I adore! I have so much fun making them! More Yum buttons will soon make the shop their home :) This little cupcake is sweet and perfect for a fuzzy sweater!

Time to start some work and put more coffee on! Hope you all have a cozy lovely day!

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Paper Girl Productions said...

ooo such a cute button! I use to love coffee and now have an affair with tea! lol! Though I admit sometimes I crave a cup of coffee here and there. I live in Canada and we have snow, ice and cold already. Fortunately it snowed later than usual!