Thursday, January 22, 2009

Funny little bits!
I wanted to share some of the items the sweet Post Lady brought to my door the week!
The adorable black droplet and cozy little house are from AshleyG! One of my favorite Artist! I love her work and wish I had more money to start my own Ashley collection :) These little mini paintings are actually made of porcelain, and being a lover of clay I just new I had to have them.
Next are these amazing buttons by Urbanturn. I love the shape and texture of these beauties! I have not decided yet what I will make of them, but all I know is it better be good! I am also a lover of interesting and strange items, and these being made from deer antler are defiantly different!
*Even though I am not fond of hunting, and I myself would never do it. I do believe in utilizing parts of already dead animals.*
Stay warm and cozy!

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NONtRENDY said...

AshleyG's stuff is always net. I love her work