Sunday, June 21, 2009

Late night appliques and movies.....
So Friday night and Saturday morning consisted of lots of cutting and sewing. Friday night I started late with some cutting of appliques and movie watching. I made a nest on my living room floor of felt, scissors and a cup of tea. Now it was time to sit back and enjoy a movie. We watched Zelig. Its an older Woody Allen movie/mocumentary about a man who suffers a sort of split personalty disorder. It was funny, but not on the top of my list for best Woody Allen movies. I did manage to get some appliques done. By the end of the movie I was tired and my fingers were about to fall off! Time for bed!
Above is a snippet of my studio space or the corner I am shoved in that resides in the family room. My upstairs "Real" studio has yet to be worked on. I hope to move in at the end of the Summer, but I guess only time will tell! Right now I have so many projects going on that my work space is a disaster! Piles of fabric,ricrac and projects in various stages getting ready for the Fall/Holiday season. I hope to share some of my new surprises with you soon!

(above: Late night appliques)
Well I guess I should get that last cup of coffee, watch the end of CBS Sunday morning and get my rear in gear!
Happy Fathers day and Happy Sunday!


The Sleepy Dreamer said...

No doubt you have some mad skills! :)

Peggy said...

Wow,I love all the goodies!
P.S I am a coffee lover too