Monday, February 18, 2008

♥Happy Birthday to me!!!♥
It is official....Today is my birthday! It is kind of a blah birthday. We are moving at the end of this week, so everything is torn apart! We are exhausted from cleaning the new house and to busy to have any kind of birthday dinner. Oh well I guess there is always next year :) It is raining here in Pa, and it seems to rain almost every year on my Birthday! On the day I was born there was a really bad storm (thunder,rain and etc). My Husband says that explains my always cheery disposition!
So here I am in all my now 28 glory!
Happy birthday to all of my fellow Aquarians!


High Desert Diva said...

Happy Birthday!

Cicada Studio said...

Happy Birthday!!

elleabelle said...

oh to be 28 again....sigh!

Jessica Ziel said...

Happy Birthday (I just turned 28 earlier this month!)

Tizzalicious said...

Happy Birthday!