Friday, February 01, 2008

Yay it is finally Friday!!
I am so exhausted from the week and can't wait for the weekend to begin.
I still have so much packing to do and I can't seem to find the time.
February has arrived and I fear the rest of the month will zoom by.
I have been trying to get an idea of what or how I should decorate the new house.
There are so many factors at play that my mind is getting jumbled. I have most of the paint colors picked out and I have started to pick up things here and there (like new dishes and glasses). Actually I can't help but think of all the lovely things I want to hang on the wall! I am not a huge fan of nic-nacs, but I am an art addict! I collect old photos ( pre1920's) and have them hung through out the apartment. I also have lots of artwork form fellow etsians and other artist I have collected over the years. Speaking of Etsy art...Look what lovely piece is on it's way to my door step! I am smitten over this Deer silhouette!! I can't wait to hang him in the new house!
In other news..My skunk strip is getting whiter!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!
It is hailing here in PA, so drive safe and keep warm!

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