Friday, February 08, 2008

It's Friday!! Thank goodness.
I have been waiting all week for it to be Friday!
I am feeling much better today then I did yesterday.
Still very sore, but better then in pain. I still can't eat much,
but I did get some yummy peanut butter ice cream last night!
I did finally get to some sewing yesterday!
I made some pouches, finished some projects
( that I will hopefully get to share int he spring).
I also got some packing done and cleaning. Not the most fun,
but it had to be done. I did make this coffee cuff yesterday
with a dangley hot pink squid! I love squids!
I also ordered some cute japanese fabrics over the past week!
I finally got to cut them up and make some pouches!
I tried to find some matching liners for the japanese fabrics,
but like always I am drawn to polka-dots!!!
I tried to control myself this time :)
Hope everyone has some fun plans this weekend!
oh and Remember to eat lots of chocolate this week!

1 comment:

Spudart said...

squid coffee cuff?! Wow! It's like the squid is holding onto your wrist for dear life. Or maybe it's a squid attack! GRRRRR! ME SQUID ATTACK YOU!