Monday, May 19, 2008

Etsy Picks!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! My weekend consisted off some shopping, sewing, cleaning and baking! I do wish the weather had been better. It has been chilly and rainy for about a week! The only good side to that was everywhere I looked I was reminded of the household chores that needed to be done! When it is sunny you tend to turn a blind eye :)
Well I decided to show off some of my favorite Etsy items! I have been swooning over and hope to have some extra cash soon to swipe them up!
(Above) I love this Mustard colored yarn ball by ChaunceyPGraham! I think it would be a lovely pincushion! Please take a look around Chauncey's shop! He has amazing recycled and re purposed items! Lovely!
(Below) And not a surprise of a pick due to my obsession with sea creatures, especially squid! OrangeMoonToys 20,000 leagues under the sea shadow puppets! I am head over heel for these babies!! I have to figure out what I want to do with them...maybe frame them in crazy scenes? The possibilities are endless!!!! Check out OrangeMoonToys for other awesome shadow puppets!
Here kitty kitty! Such a creepy but awesome kitty cat from WhoMadeWho! I love the vintage look, reminds me of old German Halloween decorations! And even better there is polka-dots!!! Visit WhoMadeWho for other great gifts, prints, and handbound books!

All right my sweets that is all for today! Off I go to sew! I have a ton of new idea that will be creeping into the shop soon! Oh and my tummy is in need of some lunch :)
Happy Monday!

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katelynjane said...

Chauncey has such cool items! I love all the picture you have on your blog, and each entry is so informative!