Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hello out there!
It has been a whirl wind couple of months! I hope everyone is doing well? I have been sick twice in the last 3 weeks! ugh! I finally got over my yucky sore throat and fever..and then hubby went on a business trip! And everyone knows what planes carry..well besides people :) they carry lots of germ infested people! So next thing I know hubby, kid and I are all sick! So here I sit drinking some tea and eating saltines. What a way to spend a day!
Well besides being sick, many things have been happening since my last post! I know, I know, I haven't been posting ...sorry! I just don't have enough time in a day! So time to play catch up.........
Lately I have been going a little button crazy! I have tons and tons of antique buttons that I adore. So finally I decided to add a button touch to one of my pouches! I think it came out splendid! I love this color combo to and defiantly see it making an appearance in later ity-bity Bags :)

Ok, now for the big news! The past 2 weeks I have been sewing like a mad women and feel like I am being smothered by squid! Why you ask? Well my ity-bity squids are soon to be off to the Mtv movie awards swag bags! How awesome is that! I am so excited (but very tired of sewing) and can't wait for them to be done and arrive safe! The Mtv awards airs on June 1st, so keep your eyes peeled for any ity-bity squids :)
Also Harriet the hoot will make an appearance in the new Etsy ad featured in the June Venus Magazine! So go pick up a copy and check it out!
So see..I did not forget about you! It has just been a little cray around here!
Happy Wednesday!

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ricracsally said...

OH. MY. GAWD!!!!
That is sooo cool!!! Congrats!! And, you do realize that this means that you will be drowning in orders soon, right? :)
Please blog and explain how this came about! I'm terribly curious (or did I miss something in a previous blog post?).