Thursday, June 19, 2008

Featured Artist
This week as been full of crazy happenings and lost of rain! Today is the first day that the sun is starting to peek out of a blue sky! I already started the day by pulling down old paneling in the bedroom, and priming the walls. I really can't wait until I move in to my new studio! Although it will not be fixed up until next spring..I am still excited!
So today I decided to put a spotlight on some of my favorite Etsy artist! Their work is inspiring and full of imagination!
This piece by fricdementol titled: "Chez Moi" is dream like in its opac quality. I love the colors, patterns and the individualism of each expression.
"Little girl in lace" by mcatgarrison is soft and melancholy. The empty stare of the girl is mesmerising! I wonder if the lace collar is worm by choice or force? I also love the color of the paper used instead of the traditional white background. Stunning!
"Club Chair" by mywireempire reminds me of the pink chair I found at a church sale when I was in college. I absolutely adored this chair! I graduated from college 6 years ago..and still have the pink chair! My Husband hates the pink chair! After we bought our first home the chair was banished to the basement :(
So this simple yet amazing portrait of a pink chair brings back happy memories of reading and relaxing in my favorite pink chair!

My dream is to some day live on a farm. Just passing a farm gives me this unbelievable feeling of joy! This beautiful painting by Paintbox
called "Winter corn field" brings me closer to my farm! The fuzzy early morning glare over the landscape is so soft and beautiful! I can picture myself sipping a hot cup of coffee on the porch of my farm house over looking the fields!

I hope some of these talented artist have inspired you to paint, draw or print! Or maybe just buy some Art! Have a beautiful Thursday!


Kristen said...

Very cool things! Great blog.

fric_de_mentol said...

great surprise, i'm honored to be here! :D*