Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Tuesday and boy oh boy is it hot! The northeast for the last 4 days or so is in a heat wave! I hate being hot! I will never understand why the elderly move to Florida! ugh! It is going to be 98 today and that is truly horrid! I haven't been catching up on my sewing because it just has been to hot to think! yuck! Anyway..moving on.
Here are some updates on whats been going on around these parts :)
I have started making some wristlet/handbags. I really love how these guys have been coming out! I named them "Berry Bags" on account of their berry shape. It has be hard not to keep them all for myself!
Another new twist on a old friend! I have been working on making fun new ways to make coffee cuffs. I think I like them appliqued (big surprise) but the new twist is that I have been making a couple out of repurpose clothing. This little bugger below is the perfect thickness to ward off the heat of coffee and the cold of a frosty! He also makes a cute and sunny wrist cuff for you stylish folks!
I have been pretty busy and putting to much on my plate is a habit of mine. My brain is always buzzing with new ideas ready for the making. There are so many piece that I never sell nor list! Recently I have been afraid my shop is getting to jumbled with to many different things. I guess maybe a shop re-vamp is in order?
This week besides it being dreadfully hot, I have been getting ready for my first Arts and Craft fair this summer. I always like to do a dry run set-up before the big day! It is a great way to see if you need more stock or displays.

Now I am off to get more coffee, do some laundry and maybe just maybe do some sewing ;)
Have a sunny but cool Tuesday!


Mia said...

I love that berry bag!! It's so cute!! :)

LazyTcrochet said...

I hear ya on the heat! It finally cooled off today, but it's a downpour now. Great day to be crafty!

Little Dickens Designs said...

Good for you for crafting through the heat. I decided to opt for lazy. I'm like the opposite of a reptile. I need cool weather to make me move.

Ity-Bity Bags said...

*****Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments! We had a killer of a storm or two come roaring through my town! At least it will take the heat down a knotch!

Spudart said...

Wow! That's one table full of happiness. :)