Thursday, June 12, 2008

Treasure hunting!
I am always so excited when I find interesting things! Yesterday I went browsing at a local thrift store and I found some lovely treasures! First I found this cutey of a owl crocheted picture! I can't wait to re-frame him and hang him on the wall where he belongs :) I am so happy to give him a new home!
Hoot, Hoot!
I have a problem about seeing books get thrown away! It is so wasteful! Books are beautiful to me, the construction, the art work, the colors! So every chance I get I save some books! Here is just one of the books I saved! It is a lovely shade of yellow and a cloth bound book! The embossed artwork really caught my attention! I really think it is quite beautiful!

I guess I should really get back to work. I have errands to run, a kid to feed, and a house to clean!
Happy Thursday!


beadinbythesea said...

Wow, you got some great finds! That's nice to see you rescue that owl. I keep seeing owl items everywhere these days!

Spudart said...

hoot hoot! Yes! I'm sure the owl is glad to have a home that appreciates him. 8-)