Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well it is Tuesday and I hope the rest of the week fares better. It has already been a long and tedious week! My son stepped on a screw yesterday, smashed his nose (which is now bleeding), and I feel like my stomach is on fire!! Ugh! When things get bad, boy do they get ugly! So I am now hoping that the rest of the week is injury and sickness free days and filled with some sunshine and good food! Now enough whining!
I did manage between all of this to get some work done. I hope to get a lot more sewing and other craftiness done this weekend. It has been hard lately with all the renovation of the house, plus lazy days of summer. I am just day dreaming of vacation in September and then all the fun Fall will bring (apple picking, pumpkin picking). Fall and Winter are my favorite times of year! This year should be especially fun because my Son is going to be 3 and now knows who Santa is!!!
Here is another bean sprout bag that I added to the shop today! It has a little Earth on black and white polka-dot fabric! I love how the white dots look like stars on the black background! I have been busy lately with all kinds of surprise that I hope to share soon( maybe 1 or 2 of somethings that start with the letter B and ends with the letter K!)!
Below is some lovely little finds from the weekend! I got 4 pieces of lovely fabric that soon shall be pouches and other fun things! I also got some yummy colored felt and embroidery thread (which is always hard to come by around these parts?). I can't wait to start using some of these! Ideas are always spinning in my head, it is finding the time to do them that is the problem :)

Ok lovelies..I hope everyone Else's week is off to a better start than mine :)

Enjoy your lemonade and ice cream before the summer ends!


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kim* said...

love your idea with the pencil holder. i wish i had one of those for school, rather than boring old crayon boxes.