Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years eve!
Tomorrow will begin a new year and a new day. It's funny how certain holidays mean less to us as we get older. I remember staying up all night waiting for the ball to drop! Sleeping over a friends house and sneaking sips of champagne. Stuffing my self silly with h'orderves.
But now it all seems a bit silly. The New years fun has slipped away...but where did it go?
Today has been a bright and snowy day (one of my favorite kind of days). I always seem to get more work done when I am stuck inside. Oh and snow always makes me a little happier! Above is a sneak peek into one of the goodies I have been making. I am even more motivated by one of the gifts Santa left me...pinking sheers! Hurray! I have been asking (and too cheap to buy on my own) for pinking sheers forever! Oh and while I am sharing here are some more cozies that Santa left!
*These are Japanese inspired "Morigami"floral boots
from Sugar Shoes. They are comfy and warm!
*Yummy socks from Sock dreams!
These are of the rugby kind! I love them!

Now I must scurry to the post and send off some packages! If I don't see you have a Happy New Year!

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