Monday, February 02, 2009

Busy, busy as a bee...
I have been busy lately with lots of little projects. My mind is always racing and I think of new and exciting little bits to make everyday! The hard part is keeping everything going smoothly and not getting off coarse.
I have been working on for a while on little sewing kits for the shop. I made one for myself about a year ago, and also sold similar little sewing pouches ( but not pincushion). I think this little duo came out lovely! You can take a peak here or sneak on over to the shop to check out this little guy and more lovelies in the shop!
I am so very excited to share this next tid bit! I have been feverishly working on some patterns this last couple of weeks of all kinds of genres. Some are cute and fun, some are whimsical and wonderful! Here is the first batch of my cute smiley food patterns all on my very own fabric! Yes, you heard right! My own fabric! I am so head or heels for this idea that I am sure you will love them too! I hope to start making some yummy little pouches in the coming days, so do check back!
The one thing good about running your own indie business is you have to be a jack of all trades. I mean literally. When every dime of your budget counts, most jobs are left up to you. I find myself learning new techniques, programs and all kinds of info all the time. It also helps your business grow and blossom. That all being said, here are my new Luchador labels. I have been working on them for months trying to get them just right. I decided on this simple graphic card. I made all the art work in photoshop and printed them on a heavy stock on my photo printer. Each Luchador even has a blank name plate, all ready for you to name them! I rather like how they came out. Pretty nifty!

That's all for today. I must get back to my work. I do promise some yummy recipes, and starting this month...DIY How to's!

Cheers for now!

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byrheea said...

Very lovely blog. I like the sweet bambi purse. :)