Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well its that time of week again! Last week I got all caught up in family matters (not the tv show) and forgot all about diy Tuesday. But I am back this week with a fun recipe for the young and the old. With the economy pinching your every penny, sometimes it is nice to make a homemade gift or just something homemade for fun! So get your kids, your friends or just your creative juices flowing with this quick and nostalgic project.
Make your own Play dough
1cp flour
1/2 cp salt
3Tbs veggie oil
1/3 cp colored water (I used 15-18 drops of food coloring)
Step 1) In a small bowl mix flour,salt, oil with spoon.
Step 2) Add colored water to this dry mixture and knead dough with your hands. Add more oil for dry dough, or more flour for wet dough.
Step 3) Your done! Just make sure to put your dough in air tight containers in the fridge. They last a couple of weeks and are sure to be a fun filled gift!
Play dough also makes great Easter gifts instead of all that candy!
( Below are the 2 colors I made!)

Well I am off to the studio! Have fun making some funky play dough!

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Start To Finish Supplies said...

I remember when my mom used to make me playdough. I loved it! Playdough is one of those things you don't grow out of. It is always fun, no matter what age.