Friday, March 06, 2009

I have been kind of down in the dumps lately. Between the germs floating around our house, and finding out my Son is allergic to everything, it has been a little stressful. So in order to keep my spirits high I decided to post some of my favs on Etsy lately. I have really weird taste, that doesn't always go together. I think I have style schizophrenia

(From left to right)

ifnbooks , Geninne , doubleparlour , rosieok , baileydoesntbark

AshleyG , ableandgame , damneddollies , MelissaSue , vintagebycrystal

vesselsandwares , Timberps , amandajean , pandawithcookie , imaginaryThomas

restlessthings , juliapott , papercutdiecut , monsterpromos , digdowngallery

Now all I need is some spending money :)

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