Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hello my sweets!
Even though I am super busy as of late, I hope to be popping in more to update the blog.
I wanted to share all the little snippets that having been brewing. My B&M shop is up and running. We are on our 2nd full week of being open and I could not ask for a better 2 wks. Things have been busy and weeks fell like whirlwinds! Soon we should have a website for the B&M, which will feature all my favorite artist available at the shop and some itybitybags. I will post more when things are up and running. I have also been working on some new things for the itybity shop. It is hard finding the time to sew, but I am managing. With the holidays sneaking closer and closer I know I have to get moving on updating the shop and adding some surprises.

This idea as been swirling around in my head for a while. Believe it or not I think I made the first grumpy bear tissue cozy (yes, I said grumpy bear) like 3 months ago. Finally grumpy bear will be making his appearance for the fall season! He is beyond happy to be showing his pearly whites to the world!

So keep an eye on the shop for new surprises and watch here for soon to be holiday recipes, crafts and more!

I hope everyone has a cozy day, because I am freezing my buns off!


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