Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Look for a new Year!
Happy Wednesday! The sun peaked out at me for a tiny bit, and then ran back to hide behind the clouds. It now looks gloomy like rain is headed our way.
I am really looking forward to warmer weather! I can't wait to do more "Spring cleaning" and to start planting my garden!
In honor of Spring and warm weather...
I gave the blog a make-over. I think it really needed it (plus the old one was making me dizzy). I hope you like the new light and airy feel!

In other news I would like to share a new project of mine! Say a howdy welcome to 3-D pouches! I am so excited about this venture! I have been working on this for a while now and it was so awesome to finally release the first in the series (yes, I said series). After many tries and countless headaches, I finally found what worked! Yay! I have listed the Space themed pouch in the shop already. This is only one idea that has been floating around my crowed and silly head.

Well off I go. I am out of coffee and there are errands that need running!


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