Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I thought I would share something wonderful I found while packing! This is an applique quilt square I did in the 2nd grade to depict the book "The Witches"! Even as a kid I was an applique addict!! I need to frame it and hang it up!! I had forgotten all about makes me giddy just looking at it!
I also would like to share a little fellow I just put in the shop! This is "Nugget" the bear! I love how cute and chocolaty he looks! He even comes with his own fuzzy Japanese bear and bunny bag! I enjoy making plushies, and I am sure more will arrive in the shop!
Ohhh all that packing!
I can proudly say "I hate packing"! It is so depressing and exhausting!
This pile of boxes is only our books from the living room. I am really trying to keep everything organized and labeled for easy finding later on. Blahhh I can't wait until it is all over with!

Have a wonderful Weds everyone!
It sure is windy here, but at least the sun came out :)

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